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Originally Posted by joefla70 View Post
I don't use them anymore, but I used to have the Pure Protein bars. They differ in nutrition info depending on the flavor (and also come in different sizes.) But I used to eat the 50g Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. They have 200 calories, 20g protein 9 net carbs (subtracting sugar alcohol) and 6g fat. I remember them comparing favorably to the QWL bars.

The shakes I drink are the Pure Protein chocolate frost in the 11oz aluminum bottles. They are 120 calories and 23g protein. For a while I was drinking the Atkins Cafe Mocha shakes. They are a little bit more calories, but less protein.

I believe the QWL literature says that you are limited to one protein bar per day. Is that correct?
Hi Joe,

Yes QWLC diet is limited to 2 Quick Snacks/day and only one of them can be a protein bar. I am putting in an order today at vitacost dot com for a variety of protein snacks similar to the QWLC ones. Vitacost sells Kay's Naturals Protein snacks and there are quite a few to choose from. They come 6 to a box just like QWLC, but they are in the $5 range as opposed to $17 at QWLC. I also ordered those Smart Styx today that are similar to the Boost.

Anyone recommend a good Fiber supplement? I have not been able to find one that has the exact same nutritional info as the QWLC Fiber Sticks Plus K. Kind of thinking any will do as long as it is low cal and sugar free.
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