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Default Please email

Originally Posted by canadianwoman View Post
email sent
I would love if you could send me the link to the plan as well. Bradley.jamie.e@gmail dot com
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Anyone doing the vegetarian version of QWL? Would love to hear of your experience. Did it work for you? also is Lifetime platinum membership worth it?
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I don't want partially eaten pickles being put back in there!
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Keto diet is by far what helped me the most, plus I'm a big fan of Steak, Chicken and Fish so it worked really well and I still am at it today. Don't get me wrong I still stumbled and struggled with things like drinking beer or a deep dish pizza that I love
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Hi guys, I`m new here and really want to lose my jelly :-)
What are your most effective plans and has anyone tried Intermittent fasting? Opinions vary a lot...

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Hello - this thread is a few years old but maybe there's still some interest in QWLC if they even still exist... I too was wondering if anyone had the food lists to share. I joined QWLC about 10 yrs ago in Fl and did the diet & lost 48 lbs in under 6 months. I'd like to do it again, but I no longer have the information. Also wondering if anyone knows of where to find similar supplements online that were part of the daily routine. Lastly, I think the diet for females averaged about 1200 calories a day, but I can't find any specifics online of what % each day is protein, carbs, or whatever they concentrated on counting in that caloric goal. What I do remember & can share from my experience were these 2 daily mandates - drinking 80 oz of water and having 3 fruits (apples come to mind) a day before 6pm - not sure why fruit have to be consumed by 6pm but maybe someone else does...

Any info would be most appreciated - thank you in advance.
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The Quick Weight Loss Center's diet is a low calorie, low fat, high protein diet. It's very restrictive and can be hard to follow long term. Additionally, there's no evidence that this type of diet is more effective than other types of diets for weight loss.

One potential problem with this diet is that it may lead to muscle loss. When you restrict calories and eat too few protein grams, your body starts breaking down muscle tissue to use as energy. This can slow down your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight in the long run.

Another downside to the Quick Weight Loss Center diet is that it's very high in sodium. Sodium can increase water retention and bloating.
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Default One piece of advice behind her success in losing 55 kilos (realistic experience)

Justin McBee was part of an experiment conducted by Women's Hills magazine to find weight loss success stories that relied on unconventional methods.
The reason for the participation of "McBee" is her inspiring story, as she managed to lose 55 kg within 6 months after failing in all the diet regimes she followed in the past, but this time she succeeded because she moved away from the scale numbers and replaced it with daily selfies, and decided that she would not stop taking A picture every day until you reach the shape you wish for her body. McBee started with 60 minutes in the gym, and when she felt that her body responded by comparing daily selfies, she was encouraged and made the decision to change the diet, but she did not resort to a meal schedule or a specialist doctor while she was content with replacing all the foods with alternative ones that contain lower calories, so she replaced The meat meal, rich in fatty sauces, was filled with fat-free steaks, which she cooked by grilling, and the bread was replaced with whole-wheat brown bread, in addition to the vegetables being her main portion. What McBee emphasized with the daily selfie advice was that she never left herself hungry while eating a portion of healthy foods as soon as she felt the onset of hunger, and then did not eat a large amount, and also curbed her appetite, which was the reason for the failure of all previous dieting systems that were based on deprivation. In the end, McBee advised the followers to follow a regime that brings them happiness, not depression.
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