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Good Afternoon Ladies~ I am happy to report that I am starting fresh again. I finally bought my scale today. I weighed in on a digital scale at walmart a few days ago and it said 226 so i thought it was way off and i shouldnt buy it. well i went again and it said 230. OH MY God, i weighed my daughter and it was right for her, i got off and got on again. I said wow i have got to buy this scale and do something about this. I did know i was gaining because my pants are all very tight and I look bloated but i kept pushing that to the back of my head and focusing more on my makeup and hair. what a mistake after all that hard work! ok, went for 2 short 15 minute walks today, I ate toast and cheese for bfast, chili and salad for lunch , and the same for dinner with 4 chips. gotta drink the rest of my water, find my calendar and mark DAY 1 really big on it in front of my toilet. (the first place i go in the morning.) so my mind is in the right place for tomorrow morning, I feel really disappointed, even ashamed to tell you guys this after being so close, 207 i mean comeon that means i have gained 23 pounds, thats more than where i started~~ jeez. ok time to move on i know. i know it doesnt help that my period is coming soon but hopefully by next week i'll be feeling better about my self . I am so glad to have you all here. keep up the good work and be good to yourself and your families. we are all so lucky to be alive everyday and to see the sunshine and have fresh air. I know it will all be alright i just need to stay on top of myself or i lose control and get bigger again.
talk to you all in the morning

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