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Satine 02-04-2013 11:14 AM

The Onederland Express - Hop on here ! #8
:welcome: to our thread .....anyone trying to get into Onederland can join us....Good luck !!!!

Satine 02-04-2013 11:17 AM

Morning Girls, welcome to our new thread !!!!!

Boy last nights game was a nail biter towards the end...I was wanting the Ravens to win, so glad they did !!!! We didn't have any special food or snacks for the game....I just had a couple peices of cold pizza, haha ...sounds great huh? I bought wings to bake in the oven but by the time the game came around we didn't want to mess with them anymore.

Susie - sorry about your gain, but don't let it get you down....you are doing great !!!!!

I'm starting to feel smaller again which I like ....I did go over calories this weekend and did let myself have one soda for a treat, haha ...they say 80/20....be good 80% of the time and the other 20% will take care of itself ...or something like that.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a good Monday !!!

Take care !!

thnknthin1 02-04-2013 11:47 AM

Good Morning!

We had a plan "cheat day" yesterday simply because it was Superbowl :) We had pizza from a local place here that we absolutely love and consider it a treat when we have it. So I expected to see an increase on the scale this morning (gained 2.4lbs overnight) which I'm suspecting is mostly water from all the sodium. It was worth it believe me! But we (me and hubby) are back on plan today and expect this to come back off in the next day or two.

Have a good day everyone!


MyChoice2bfit 02-04-2013 02:31 PM

Carri: Thanks for starting the new thread. I was cheering for the Ravens too and it was a nail-bitter for sure. It made it fun to watch the game.

Did you have a favorite commercial? Mine was the Dodge Ram--my daddy was a farmer and so I got a bit choked up.

Of course I LOVED the Tide commerical--since I work for P&G :)

Tell us how you feel "smaller". Also good job for controling the soda and looking at it as a treat.

Alyssa: Whenever I have pizza I have a water weight-gain too. I think that was part of my gain last Thursday because we had pizza on Wed night.

Just drink plenty of water and in the next few days you will see that all gone.

I didn't realize that your DH is doing this with you. That's awesome! It helps to stay on track. My DH is supportive but hasn't been doing it with me. He is going to go with me to the Y tonight--he said that he sees his cardiologist in April and he has picked up 10 lbs from not exercising and he wants it off. It will be helpful to have him there with me. Sometimes it is hard for me to go, especially in the winter, when it is cold out and I am the only one leaving the house.

Hi Liz, Dee and Victoria and Lee Ann--I hope you find us!

miniDoodles 02-04-2013 06:47 PM

Hello Everyone :coffee:

Carri, TY for starting our #8 thread. U asked about toaster-oven use. My dh has his own 6 slice oven & he toasts everything: melting cheese on bread/buns, melts marshmallows onto brownies, reheats: pizza/waffles/pancakes, broils steaks-bakes frozen pot-pies I made, etc. Dh uses it more than the microwave. I got it for him after he made a 'disaster' inside my IRON Chef, broiler/convection/toaster oven, its a 8 slice oven, bakes a 12" pizza; I bought it 11 yrs ago & use it almost daily :chef: Why I like w using the convection/toaster ovens: a spare oven to bake smaller food, casseroles, broiling meats/veggies, baking a 1 layer cake/pie, etc. quick cooking, keeping the range oven available for large items. He loves his size of toaster oven & I love mine but I had him bend the metal handle of my 12 cupcake pan to fit inside, that way I don't have to heat-up my big oven for a 1/2 recipe for our night-time snacks :p They also cook faster, so they r energy efficient & we reduce the timing by about 7-10 minutes; I leave the food inside for the remaining minutes because the heat inside cooks yummy. Like for a lazy brunch/supper: make cinnamon rolls the night before & bake in the toaster oven next day (warm & delicious) & fry your bacon strips in a glass pie-plate/cover w a paper towel inside your microwave & fry eggs/omelets on the range/electric frypan, plus juice/fruit. A fun-effortless-fast Yummy meal :p everything is finished @ the same time to serve & eat.

Alyssa, if your son knows 'when' the bully-kids normally r being mean to him, how about having 'your sons' friends being there @ that time & possibly the bully will back-off; "strength in numbers" sometimes works; maybe the bully is testing your son & he is bullied @ his home by his family & he needs intervention w a counselor. Does the bully also attack other kids @ school, if Yes, its time to get the other parents together & visit the school principal/superintendent & a school-board meeting to make this 'public' because nobody/child/adult should b abused & No one wants a child/teen attacked/murder/suicide in their community. :hug: The other parents of their bullied kids can help your son & b your strenghth w ending this problem. :hug:

Sue, I'm watching the Batchelor & Yes, Sean is the whole package :cool: I see why they r falling for him. I totally agree w Carri about the girls that need to leave ASAP & the same girls grate on my nerves too & I'm happy Amanda left. Is anyone watching Downton Abbey on PBS, I'm hooked on it. So nice that your dh is joining U @ the Y tonight, you'll have much more fun w him there w U & sitting in the sauna/hot-tub afterwards :smug: I'm passing on my meeting/WI this week & will go next week I'm up 1# today.
Sunday :^: I grazed all afternoon on: 1 bag of Lays Low-salt potato chips scooping 1 container of 2% cottage cheese on them & I also ate 1, 12 oz. bag of Brach's Bridge mix chocolates.

Breakfast: skim milk, muffin, hot tea & shame on me/Sunday grazing.
Lunch: veggie salad, hot cocoa.
Supper: grilled cheese/bacon sandwich, cole slaw, water.
;) The next few days I'll b eating lighter to get rid of the extra salt I ate on Sunday & just drink hot tea for my snacks, lots of water flushes out the salt.

Have a great week girls :dancer:

Satine 02-06-2013 10:56 AM

Morning Ladies ….been doing pretty well ( most of the time ) food wise but yesterday had a not so good day …I did show some restraint ( no soda haha ) but was way over calories…I’d rather be truthful with you guys when I stumble rather than act like it is all roses and I’m doing great …truth is, it’s gonna be a life long struggle with ups and downs …but worth it….I am gonna go by the 80/20 rule that I said yesterday …well really for me it will be 90/10

Just got done having my breakfast ….2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one wedge of cinnamon Laughing Cow cream cheese spread….was pretty good, but I like the strawberry LC cheese better.

I was gonna make low cal chicken fajitas tonight but looks like dh is going over to a friends house, so I guess we will have them tomorrow.

Dee – Thanks for all the toaster oven ideas…I am LOVING mine…am using it daily…the only problem is that I got a pretty small one and it won’t fit a bigger pizza, just the small single one’s …so dh is not in love with that, haha …but I didn’t want a huge one because I don’t have the counter space….for Christmas dh’s parents bought me an actual oven that sits on your counter with a rotisserie in it …and that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not what I asked for…I actually gave it back to them to return and bought my smaller one…like it better. The one issue I am having , and hoping you can help with, is that most foods don’t have a toaster/convection directions on them and I am having to guess at time and temp …like last night I baked some fries in there and just had to guess…seemed like it took forever …so obviously I was too low on temp or something.

Susie – Yes, I did have a favorite commercial, the Budweiser Clydesdale ( sure I am misspelling that ) one, where the horse remembered the guy ….woo hoo Ravens !!! The Farmer commercial was my second favorite ….it was just VERY good….I don’t remember the Tide one…I must have been doing something else.
Well I did feel smaller until yesterday, now I have the bloat back, haha …although last night dh put his arms around me and said “you feel smaller”, so I guess he feels it too …

Hi Liz, Mel, Victoria, LeeAnn, and everyone else I have forgotten ( and lurkers ), hope you all have a good day.

I am so far behind on the Bachelor so NO spoilers, lol ….I need to watch last weeks, Monday’s and I didn’t even know one was on last night …I am REALLY behind…haven’t watched this weeks Biggest Loser either …

Okay Girls, later.

miniDoodles 02-06-2013 03:46 PM

Hi Girls, Pretty 'quiet' here this week :?:

Carri, OMG u gotta catch-up on The Batchelor asap, last week & this week Both had Tiera crap going & who Sean sends home this week is sad, 3 girls & 2 r wonderful. R u preheating your t.oven, the temp.thermostats on the small ones r not very accurate, like the medium/large ones r so keep playing w your temps I read e-pinions, con.reports & Amazon ratings prior to buying appliances because I've been screwed in the past. Both of our t.ovens fit on my counter & I understand about limited space, thats why I set our bigger t.oven on my bakers rack shelf. Guys r cute w gadgets, mine played w his sandwich-maker & made eggs & put brownie mix & muffin mix, etc. till it died & went to the infomercial graveyard :dizzy: Then he got a small George Foreman grill & it died, next his Black & Decker t.oven that he is still using. Occasionally dh helps me being my sous chef, but he loves grilling outdoors (w cherry, fruit woods) for our meals the best on his charcoal grill & uses non-toxic charcoal. Did u watch the Taste last night, good again! I'll miss it when its over. The Voice will b good w Shakira & Usher as judges! Carri go watch your Batchelor shows now, so we can chat about them :smug:

Susie, where r uuuuuu :o What did u think of the 2 Batchelor shows this week? 'Nashville' is New tonight & also Greys Anatomy tomorrow :smug: Summer will b here soon & we'll b sooo busy in the pool-lake/garden/yard/camping; so I'm enjoying my tv right now & staying warm.

Breakfast: 1 banana & vanilla protein shake.
Lunch: 2 baked potatos w baked carrots & gravy, lemonade.
Supper: 1 slice lasagna & 1 c. coleslaw, lemon meringue pie, hot tea.
snacks: hot tea, 1 glass wine.

Have a good week everyone :wave:

MyChoice2bfit 02-06-2013 08:10 PM

Hi Ladies. I wasn't going to come here to post tonight because I have been doing so well food and exercise until about and hour ago and I just totally blew my calories. The reason is that I just let myself get to hungry and I'm too tired.

We have some new software that we are learning and I have been in trainings yesterday and today and then catching things up for work for a couple of hours in the evening at home. I thought I could do it and just push on through but I was only kidding myself.

I wanted to hide, but what good is that going to do me and so I knew when I came here and say Carri's post about being truthful when she stumbles....so here I am being truthful.

Carri: Thank you for being inspiring to me. I am one who works so hard at doing it perfectly and I just have to realize that I won't be sometime and it doesn't mean I start over but rather I just go on....I might lose a fight one day but I haven't lost the battle yet.

Dee is right you really need to catch up on the Batchelor and also Biggest Loser. They both have been good.

Dee: I knew you would be wondering where I was at. :hug: That was another reason I logged on...I needed to let you know that I am ok...a little down for the count today....but ok.

I will DVR Nashville tonight. There is no way I will make it to 11 tonight to watch it all.

Thanks for sharing your grazing and how you are going to get passed it. Sometimes it is ok to miss a meeting when you know that the weight gain is just going to be temporary due to a special event like Sunday was and that next week the gain will be gone.

Ok..I'm going to get off the computer and relax for a bit, empty the dishwasher and then maybe watch The Middle and then go to bed.

I am one tired girl!

thnknthin1 02-07-2013 09:29 AM

Good morning.

Well I finally broke down and made a doctor appointment with an Ortho for my foot. It's been three weeks now and just not getting any better. I see him next Wednesday.

The pizza weight from Superbowl has finally come off :) Weighed in at 204.6 this morning and am getting very anxious to reach Onederland. Haven't seen that "1" on the scale in a long time. I was thinking about buying a new charm for my Pandora bracelet to celebrate when I reach it.

My son is doing good, I ask him daily how things are at school. Seems the bullies (yes there is a group of them) pick on him in spurts. I'm assuming they were talked to since nothing has happened since the last incident. Wish it would just stick with them.

Hoping to get outside and do some light walking before the cold front moves thru the area. Wishing for an early Spring!

Have a good day!


Satine 02-08-2013 11:59 AM

Morning Ladies….I had a really good OP day yesterday…I made the BEST chicken fajitas for dinner, so good …the marinade was the key …I cut up my three raw chicken breasts into strips and put them in this marinade I got online:
2 T olive oil
1 T lime juice
1 garlic clove minced
½ t chili powder
½ t cumin
½ t hot pepper flakes
½ t black pepper
½ t salt
I just mixed it all in a gallon freezer bag, thru my raw chicken in and sort of mushed it around …let it marinade in fridge for 30-40 minutes and then grilled on my grilled pan on stove…on my other grilled pan I grilled sliced red pepper, sliced green pepper, and a sweet onion ( I first tossed them in a little olive oil and salt and pepper ) ….had it that all on corn tortillas with only a little bit of sour cream ( no cheese ) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…I will be making these again…also works well on lean steak if you wanted beef fajitas…and I haven’t done it but I bet would also be good on shrimp fajitas. The possibilities are endless, haha

So glad today is Friday…it’s cold and gloomy here today but I will take it !!!!

Had my blood drawn this morning for my annual physical and got a Tetnis shot …so am anxious to get the blood work numbers back and see how I’m doing and what needs to be fixed ( if anything ), besides needing to lose weight.

Susie – what I said is very true…we just need to be honest, we are all gonna stumble, I do it weekly ….none of us expect anyone to be perfect, that is why if I binge or go way over calories I just say so…

Dee and Susie – I am all caught up on The Bachelor now as of last night and GOOD LORD that Tierra is an attention whore ….get her off the show, why can’t he see thru her craziness ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Alyssa – good for you for getting a little extra weight off , always makes you feel better to get back down where you were after a bloat huh? Haha …everytime I read about your ds and the bullying it just infuriates me…I can’t stand that kids have to be so mean and make an innocent child worry and suffer…and now to hear that it is a group !!! Kids are awful sometimes…I hope that someone did talk to them and they have backed off for good…

Hi Mel, Liz, LeeAnn and anyone I forgot …hard to keep up sometimes…

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food 2/7
Breakfast: 2 whole grain Eggo waffles with one T of peanut butter ( 240 cals )
Lunch: 3 chicken strips, applesauce ( 440 cals )
Snack – Wheat Thins ( 140 cals )
Dinner – 3 corn tortillas ( 120 cals ), 3 T Sour Cream ( 90 cals ), chicken with peppers 4 oz ( 250 cals including marinade )
Snack – ¾ cup of choc fiber cereal ( 80 cals ) and ¾ cup lactose free milk ( 100 cals )
Total for day : 1460

MyChoice2bfit 02-09-2013 10:07 AM

Hi Everyone,

I had a 1 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday night. I was proud of it, because I worked it hard! Now I'm working for another 1-2 lb loss this week.

Carri: Thanks for sharing that recipie. This is something that my hubby and I could have..mine would be without the chicken but I could add black beans and rice for mine and then the veggies in and he could have the veggies and the chicken. He thought it sounded good.

I laughed when I read your post about the tetnus shot. Those things make your arm really sore. I am bad because my doctor said I should probably get one since I haven't had one in a long time and I just kept quiet about it and got out of their before she mentioned it again! lol

Dee & Carri: The Batchelor is getting really good isn't it? I could not believe he kept Tierra over the other girls he let go. Tierra is so nasty acting.

Alyssa: Good for you for getting that pizza weight off! I think it is good that you made a appointment with the doctor to see what is going on with your foot.

We have a funeral to attend today--my DH's boss passed away. His children have been running the business for the past two years as their dad had a brain tumor and it finally took him.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

cheeriloos 02-10-2013 11:38 AM

Hey girls!, i have missed you!, we got married, moved into a house and finally got internet last night. I am afraid to check my weight i went bonkers and ate since the week before the wedding. Im everything fresh tomorrow, we live knight in the country now so walking is a tad intimidating because there might be dogs or something.. super happy to be back with my buddies!:hug:

miniDoodles 02-10-2013 09:58 PM

Hi Girls,

Victoria :hug: sooo happy your back. Sounds like U need a doggy to join your family & let U feel protected w their sweetness & protective personality to bark @ danger (smelling/hearing/seeing) animals/people. The pounds will come off, U know how to do this & U will enjoy being in the country w so many opportunities being outdoors w/o restrictions. Tell us what U need & we'll help ya.

Valentine's Day is coming & all Jan/Feb my guy asked me 'did I buy him' bacon :T that week. Wellll I'm giving him 3 types of pricey bacon for V. Day & his fav ice cream & putting it inside a new tool-box while he showers after work, instead of a bag. I know he'll b very happy :smug:
He bought me the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 w Wi-Fi, 4 G that also uses cell service for internet. I wanted it for Christmas, but he planned it for V. day & he gave it to me last night :smug: We'll still go out for Valentine's Day dinner & out again Saturday night dancing :val2: :val3:

What r u doing for your guys this year?

Breakfast: 5 oatmeal cookies (used applesauce instead of butter in recipe keeping cals/fat down) & sk. milk.
Lunch: homemade raviloi & a orange & lemon-ice water.
Supper: veggie/steak stir-fry, strawberry shortcake & sk. milk.
snack/7pm: blue tortilla chips w salsa verde' & ice tea.

cheeriloos 02-10-2013 11:21 PM

Thanks Dee, we do have a little doggy. Scooter he's a jack Russell. Pretty lazy though.. like me sometimes. I haven't planned anything for vday yet we have been super busy and plus my oldest abby willl be 9 tuesday, we will work something out, we have to its our first married v day :-D ..start eating healthy and walking intheam ,night night girls

Satine 02-11-2013 10:11 AM

Morning ladies ….hope you all had a great weekend and this Monday finds you well …I am ( as usual ) tired…I NEVER sleep well on Sunday nights into Monday morning because I sleep in Sunday morning…I didn’t do too bad ( got up around 9:30 ), but it was still hard to get to sleep last night ….but come Monday nights I am dog tired….so I guess it all evens out in the end….lol
Plus I woke up at like 5am with my stomach growling :shrug::cbg:

Well………………..drum roll please ………………………………….. I stayed OP all weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot: For like the first time in forever ……………it was hard…very hard…I had to fight dh about it all the way….yesterday he wanted to make flan ( he makes it from scratch and it is the BEST ) …but I talked him out of it…I told him I have no chance really if he is going to want to eat junk around me….we’ll see I guess ….I just got to be strong if he does ….have done it before, many times :dancer:

Oh and I also lost 2.5 lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get to move the ticker for the first time in a while. :cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3:

Susie – GREAT job on the loss !! Slow and steady wins the race !!! Yes, I am so disappointed that Sean can’t see the crazy in Tierra – hopefully she gets sent packing tonight. Ya know, my arm was sore all weekend…felt the spot this morning and there is a knot in it ….but as I say, better safe than sorry

Victoria – glad to see you back on here, although I don’t feel as though I’ve missed you since I see you on fb…I am jealous of your house in the country, that is where me and dh would like to be…out and away from everyone …although in some instances, like with you walking, I can see where there is a downside.
Just get on the scale and face it, I had to after Christmas …it was ugly, but you just face your truth and move on ! :goodluck:

Dee – We don’t have anything planned for VDay as of right now :love:….we usually don’t do too much…my dh is a great cook so normally he will make me a nice dinner…but too crazy to go out around here…too crowded and just not relaxing. Your dancing sounds like so much fun, enjoy! I laughed at the 3 types of bacon, that’s awesome….I am a lover of bacon too…can’t get enough, so I normally have to stay away from it …mainly eat it in the Summer for BLT’s, with big ol’ fresh garden tomatoes, mmmmmmm ….my mouth is watering now. :drool:

Hi Mel, Liz, and LeeAnn :wave:

Food for Sunday 2/10
Breakfast – none
Lunch – steak tacos made at home, 4oz lean sirloin steak, pico de gallo, 2 T sour cream , serving of queso fresco, and 3 corn tortillas
Snack – blueberry yogurt
Dinner – toaster pizza – one serving

Have a great Monday girls ! :flow2:

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