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If you already have a blender -- try it there and see if it is powerful enough to whole juice. Chop stuff up and hit "liquefy" and see what you get. If it works out, you don't need another appliance.

I used my Oster that way for a while but I had to add water or juice to help it to "go" and deal with occasional chunks.

If you are not a fan of pulp in the juice, the Hamilton Beach "Big Mouth" does a nice job. Line the container with a grocery bag to catch the pulp and make clean up easier, clean the other parts right away with the brush it comes with. That was my first "official" juicer and did great for the fam.

Around $60 so not too bad as an entry point juicer.

Later I saved up for Vitamix -- the pulp is back in and the result is smooth very drinkable. But I LIKE pulp in my juice. Not everyone does. (The motor in it is a lot stronger than my old Oster. This is going to matter in terms of the final result.)

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