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Default Dr. Ian's Fatsmash FAQ-Phase 2&3

Here are the FAQ's for Phases 2&3. At the time he conducted this Q&A last spring, no one had made it on to Phase 4 so there is currently no FAQ for that.

Phase 2
Are the milk based pre-made protein drinks such as Myoplex Lite allowed in this or any phase?
Protein powders and supplements have been largely untested, especially with there being so many brands and varieties. If you decide to add protein
powders to you shakes, you need to make sure it is healthy protein and the
product's manufacturer and their claims are reputable.

Can I have nuts in Phase 2?
Nuts can be started on Phase II and to follow the amount carefully in the snack section.

Can we drink Crystal Light?
Yes, but moderately. I or 2 glasses.

Can we eat pork? (such as chops or loins)
Yes, lean pork loin is allowed up to 4 oz serving size.

Can we have Granola?
Not until Phase 3.

Can we have Sugar Free Jello and Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding?
Small portion, 1/2 cup, once a day in place of a snack.

Can we have a few soda crackers in phase II?
You should wait until Phase 3.

Can we have cream cheese?
Not until Phase IV

Can we have ketchup? If not, any recommendations for a replacement? You can substitute ketchup in place of salad dressing in your daily menu but it needs to be low sodium.

Can we have low-fat sour cream and fat-free creamer?
Substitute plain yogurt with seasonings in it for sour cream and watch for sugars in the creamer or use skim milk or soy milk.

Can we have tomato juice or V-8?
No. Unless you make it from scratch. Even low sodium V-8 contains a lot of sodium. If you have a juicer though you can make your own with fresh vegetables and a little tobasco sauce. Remember fresh juice must be consumed within the first 15 minutes to get the best nutrition from them.

Can we use honey to sweeten our drinks?
Yes, but no more than 1 tbsp per day.

Can you have 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal?
Yes, that would be fine.

Do I eat EVERYTHING on the menu?
In phase II each day you are allowed to have 1 serving of any of the lean meats and 1 serving of the seafood. For example, you can have chicken breast (without the skin and the right size for lunch) and have a piece of salmon for a dinner meal. If someone has allergies to seafood, then they should have two meat servings that day, let's say chicken and turkey or whatever combination they prefer. If you really don't want the meat, then you can have two servings of the seafood. The items listed are the max that you can have, but you're not expected to eat EVERYTHING on the list EVERY day. That would be too much food. Pay attention to the serving sizes and remember,more calories are coming back into your diet. As far as the other boxed items: Eggs--you're allowed one or the other; Milk & Cheese-- you're allowed each item listed per day; Flavorings: you're allowed each item listed per day; drinks: you're allowed the coffee and tea per day, and your choice of the rest of the items listed. You MUST do your exercise as prescribed in the book, especially during phase II. If you don't exercise and you add all of those calories back, then you won't lose weight or even worse you might gain weight. So follow the diet and exercise program tightly to continue getting results! Keep SMASHING!!

How about a little natural peanut butter?
In Phase 3. Not in Phase 2.

Is it one meat a day and one fish or can I have two meats?
One meat a day, up to 4 oz, and one fish a day up to 4 oz. Try to separate them with a meal in between and not the same meat and fish every day.

Kashi Go-Lean cereal at 3/4 c. serving has 110 cal., 8 g fiber, 1 g. fat, 5 gr. sugar and approx. 10 gr. protein. Is this ok if I reduce sugar permissible down to 3t. or 3.5 t. on that day?

Phase II - can we have sweet potato chips or rice chips or popcorn?
Baked is OK. Air popped corn in OK. Look in the snack section of the book.

When can we have fat-free cool whip?
Phase 4, during special occassions in moderation.

Can i have cottage cheese in phase 2
Yes one ounce in place of a cheese slice. That would be about a tablespoon.

Does weightloss slow down a lot compared to phase 1?
That depends on each individual. It's normal to experience a slowdown after phase one. You are aiming to lose 1-2 pounds a week.
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Phase 3
Can I drink coconut milk in place of lowfat or soy.

I see under snacks we are allowed raisins so does that mean we can have raisin bran crunch ceral?
Yes, but watch how much. One cup has 188 calories. Calories 188, Calories from Fat 9

In phase 3 it says 3 cookies, but under snacks it says 2. Which one is it? Both. You may have 3 silver dollar sized choc chip cookies with any meal for dessert. You may also have 2 choc chip cookies the size of an oreo cookie in place of one of your snacks. But only the cookies.
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Do you mind if we make this a sticky too? Thanks!

"Being fat is hard. Losing is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."

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Hi from a newbi.

In Phase 1 you can have 5.5oz porridge but in Phase 2 only 30g oats is listed under cereals.
Am I misunderstanding that I'd have to drop the amount of oats?

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You read right. It's because you are addding more foods (eg meats), it's the same reason for the rice reduction.
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This post helps. I'm starting the diet tomorrow. I started it two weeks ago but only made it five days. Try, try again. I believe I can do it this time. But the only thing is, is that I'm going on the Extreme Fat Smash Diet. I'm not sure about the difference..

And can anyone help me with the weight tracker?? I have my code but I don't know where to paste it!! ty
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Sorry, just testing
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Aren't almonds a sanctioned snack in P1 (10-14 I believe)?? The post that says not until P2 is contradictory/confusing.
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In the book, nuts are introduced in phase 2. It is listed on the "Foods not allowed in Phase 1" section.

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Beachbum: Fat Smash Diet page 142 at the bottom??
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Very helpful! Peanut butter is one thing that I truly do miss...
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