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Originally Posted by FatToFitWife View Post
I'm new here, but curious... What is beneficial about eating the sprouted/live breads? I'm intrigued!
I've always known that protein in grain is more accessible when it's sprouted, the rest of this is gleaned from various websites:

--Basically, sprouting the grains activates food enzymes; increases vitamin content, and neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them.

--Sprouted wheat contains four times the amount of niacin and nearly twice the amount of vitamin B6 and folate. The process of sprouting also leads to a product that is easier to digest.

I love everything about Dave's Killer Bread, but I no longer eat bread or wheat and my kids say it is too sweet.

I used to bake my own bread, and then we ate Ezekiel and now I get them anything that is whole grain, not HFC and that doesn't contain dairy (one child is allergic).

Fred Meyer has an organic variety that's ok, and Trader Joe's has a few.

Great Harvest Bread (hand-baked breads including gluten free - franchises here and there in the US) and a couple of our local bakeries use nothing but the most basic ingredients - even the white bread from these places is better than eating run of the mill whole wheat.

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