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Originally Posted by neon_zephyr View Post
So, on my birthday, I cheated on my diet. I ate deep dish pizza, sat by the fireplace, and read a novel. However, I also made time to walk two miles, carrying groceries for half of that distance. I made sure to buy fresh produce and fruit, not a bunco of frozen things. And, the next day, I walked four miles, just to get a little exercise in.
I also indulged in some birthday chocolate (my roommates gave me Belgian Chocolates and I as feeling blue enough to want the serotonin boost), but I did not buy or eat any cake. So, I'm building some awareness at least and recognizing when I'm doing something deviant. That's the first step toward breaking the habits, I hope. I hope I'm starting this 34th year out a little better by compensating for the poor choices that I recognize.

Life's been up and down for me the past few days. Some days, I feel okay and able to accept the obstacles in my path and other days I feel defeated and like I want to give up. I tried blocking out my feelings to stay positive and motivated, but that makes me want sugary things like lattes and cookies, or it makes me restless and unable to sleep properly. I avoided the urge to sweeten my coffee, thankfully. But, I couldn't sleep much last night. I'm thinking that learning dietary discipline will largely be about managing my stress and emotions. So I guess I'm writing a little about both, here.

Today was a good day for writing; I got a few notes for my revision done, talked to the editor of a press about my forthcoming book, and started a collaboration with a classical musical composer for a public performance later this semester. It was also a sad personal day because I miss my EH (estranged husband) and wanted to tell him about the good news and couldn't. However, tonight, I'm going to go get a foot massage tonight to relieve my stress and have a lean pocket for a small late dinner, instead of anything heavy enough to make me sleep.

I got some paperwork sorted out so I should be able to start going to the gym again on Thursday. I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm aiming for just an hour on the elliptical to see how well I handle it.
It's okay to cheat, especially because it was your birthday! I actually 'cheat' everyday, haha. I eat whatever I want, in moderation. And it's good that you also spend some time to walk as well!

I have the same problem, actually (and I think a lot of other people too), about staying positive on the diet/lifestyle change. Because sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and don't really see a lot of change (I do feel it in the clothes though) and get really upset and think: why am I even doing that? It won't help anyway. But I'm totally wrong and I know that, so even if I'm very grumpy about that, I still control myself because I know that later I'll be proud about the fact that I controlled my cravings and so.

And what kind of book are you writing? Is it like a fiction book or something??
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