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Originally Posted by damiilya View Post
I'm sorry to hear that your husband cheated on you. By seeing here what he told you, I think he's an a-hole, sorry about that! And you've made the right decision about making a real effort, instead of worrying. I know you can do it! I wish you the best luck!
And I will follow your progress for sure, I think writing about your progress in this same thread is fine, though it's your choice (:
Thanks, damiilya. I agree that he acted like a jerk. I kind of fell apart after that and had a sort of a breakdown, but, now I'm trying to find my strength again. And, I've realized that my weight is actually a problem for me, too. If it wasn't a sticking point for me, it wouldn't have bothered me when he used it to defend himself. So, I'm trying to be someone I can be proud of being and hoping to strengthen myself regardless of what he thinks or whether or not we can fix our problems. I'm glad to be doing this for me, instead of feeling like I'm doing it to try to earn his good graces.
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