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For me it was the prospect of having kids. I know that for so many people the first baby is a downward spiral. I already have to lose 45 lbs. So if I pig out while I am pregnant (many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat a lot more and knowing myself I would be one of those women) I might even go up another 20 lbs. THEN I hear that many women lose their sex drive after pregnancy and are unhappy with how their body has changed. So not only will I have to lose 65 lbs but I will have no sex drive a changed body and the added pressure of a baby? Sounds like a recipe for gaining more weight. You can see how, unless I pull in the reigns now, having a baby could be a downward spiral. Plus I am young (23) I want to feel sexy and even thought my husband is attacted to me I don't feel comfortable in clothing. And why should I have to go through life feeling constantly uncomfortable and costantly judged?
Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still - Chinese Proverb
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