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Default Well, count me in!

Abandoning the Points+ ship as I continue to maintain/gain when I really need to lose 20 lbs. I have given it the full shot, jumped in from the beginning (threw all my stuff away!!) and I find myself discouraged and disgruntled! So, because Momentum worked before, I went and bought a starter kit on ebay and as soon as it arrives, I will change back. I will continue to go to my meetings, because, while the name of the game has changed, the over all intent has not and that is to seek support and accountability on my journey. If anyone is looking for a recipe builder that will, given accurate information, give you the nutrition breakdown for recipes that you can then figure Points for, try I like to do alot of my own cooking and I don't like the recipe builder on the WW site anyway, and it won't give correct point counts if I go back.
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