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Hi, am an Aussie who does JC and really want people to talk to about it. I'm on a different fitness site as well and I don't talk about it much as it's pretty much blasted. It's working for me and I love it! Even with the cost!

I originally started JC about two years ago. Lost 15kg but stopped because of 'cost' (could eat take out five times a week though!) I tried to tell myself I wasn't putting it back on but I felt beyond gross. Ended up cracking after my birthday in July and cried for a week over what a loser I was. I made a snap decision and went back to JC on the 21st of July this year. Stepped on the scale only to discover that not only had I put ALL the weight back on but I was 5kg heavier than I had been. Pretty much sobbed through my initial consultation, bought my food, went home and cried all night. Found a calorie tracker app as I don't journal (I don't stick with it, having it on my phone is so much easier and I've tracked every day since)

Not even six months later and I've now lost almost 25kg (around 54lbs) I feel AMAZING and I WILL get to my goal weight.

I'm planning on dieting till 90kg (which is around 200lbs I think?) with them and then I'll try and lose the last 20kg myself. I've just hit halfway and here once you hit that point you start doing two days by yourself. I'm going on hols next week so I'm not doing that till I get back.

When I went back I did make some changes. I don't eat their breakfast's (I usually get one breakfast wrap a week) and generally just do a ham and cheese toasted sandwich or cheese on toast. Not stopped me. I have Subway once a week (training, too difficult to take food that night) My big change has been water. Gone from drinking 3-4L of Pepxi Max to 2L of water a day. I truly believe that has helped me change.

What is this arm band you guys are talking about? We don't have that here.

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