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I'm glad you mentioned the omelet. I bought a box of those in my last order which came yesterday and had totally forgotten. (Obviously, I didn't unpack the whole box yet.)

I have Christmas presents and decorations strewn about so I just barely opened the box and grabbed the chips that I had ordered after my previous samples. I really like them for the crunch and curiously the texture (or something...haven't decided but I don't think it's the actual taste) remind me of pork rinds. I don't necessarily like pork rinds but there's that bit of extra toughness (for lack of a better word) that makes them last longer in my bag than chips. I think that's why I like the WS chips. Maybe I could have simplified this whole paragraph by saying they remind me of a cross between a chip and a cracker.

Anyway, I just had to have more so I sent another order of various stuff and of course, added items to get the free shipping. The original reason for the second order though was for the chips. I didn't think I could wait until I needed shakes and bars to wait on the crunchies.

It is hard to go on a diet this time of year but I'm calling it my bonus time. Just think we'll have a jumpstart on all the dieters who begin in January! I'm hoping my doctor gives me clearance to start some type of exercise so I can ease into it, too, before January. I've just had too many false starts with Januarys that I'm hoping starting in December will break the tradition.
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