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Hi everyone! I've been lurking on here for about a week and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Paige and I'm finally ready to get this wait off for good. I've been successful with low carb and just cutting back before but I gained it back. I attribute the weight gain this time to changing my eating habits and eating late at night.
You guys have been doing wonderful and you've inspired me. I started today and am looking forward to this journey with you
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speed, fab job on the loss!
Ladies. THANK you so much for the input and tips, I have been sticking to the WS plan now as directed for 3 days, 5-6 WS products 1 LG and tons of water. I am down 4 pounds! tho im certain its all water, BUT ill TAKE it!
New folks, I tried the mix match atkins/WS to no avail, didnt lose a pound...doing as directed-tho im not having fruit down 4 pounds in 3 days. BUT i do have alot to lose. 85 pounds to be precise
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Losin' it
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well today is my first day. So far I've had the mocha shake ( made it with 2 tbsp instant coffee and 1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk and ice to thicken it) = YUMMY!!! it filled me up and was so good. For m,orning snack I had the chocolate cream shake that I made at home to take to work and put it in the fridge til it was time to drink it. I made that with instant coffee, unsweetened almond milk and ice as well. Pretty good, a little sweet though. For lunch I made the spicy cheese and pasta, and had the chocolate pecan bar, well half of it...until my dog decided it was OK to lick it. -_-. That bar is DELICIOUS though. om nom nom. i can totally do this!! So far I don't feel like it's a diet with the taste of things. I'm very pleasantly surprised!

I also did my weigh in this morning - 242. :-( I REALLY don't like that number, but at least I'm staying honest to myself. alright, off to finish my lunch then get back to work!

Happy on plan day to everyone! :-)
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Paige, welcome! We're glad you've come out of lurkdom to join us. It really does help to have others to share the journey.

Woo Hoo, Now! Sounds like you've found your groove. Congrats on the loss!

Sara, gorgeous photo! Glad you're liking the taste as you begin. It always helps when the flavor is there...not so much of feeling deprived, etc.

Rose, good to see always!

Shero and ExTex...hope today is going well for you.

My schedule for posting seems to be changing as I am finally sleeping more soundly. (Many of my earlier posts were those 2-3 am writings...hope those are finally laid to rest...LOL)

Could have slept later today, Shero, if my Yorkie hadn't decided it was time for "Mama" to play...LOL

Today's been a dieting struggle but that's part of the journey, I suppose. Not all roads we travel are smooth.
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Hey Everyone!

Well, today is day 2 ... I've done very well (even at the b'day party AND the Super bowl bash!!) .. I stayed with munching on veggies (no dip) and water with lime slices in it. My friends daughter made nice sized chocolate chip cookies from scratch (MY FAVORITE!!), bagged up about 8 of them and told me she made them "especially for me" ... I brought them home so my husband and son could enjoy them, and put them in the bread drawer.

Well today after work I was home (alone) getting ready to cook dinner .. I went into the bread drawer to take out a small roll for my chicken burger, and there they were! The bag of cookies ... just smiling at me and calling my name! i was determine NOT to go near them .... and the next thing I knew, I had taken a bite out of one!!!!!! (You see, I am TRULY addicted to food) .. so, I quickly realized what I was doing, and gave the rest of my cookie to my Bichon Sally (she loved it!), and a teeny piece to my 2 Yorkies Juliet & Henry (they loved it too!). I was upset that I had no control and was so blinded by a friggin COOKIE! .. but VERY proud that I got rid of it as fast as i did.

Now, here's the weird part:

When my husband came home .. I asked him nicely if, when he was having his after dinner cup of coffee, he might want to have a cookie or two; I told him I was giving the rest to our son, Daniel (he's 20, in college, & lives home) so that he would eat them (and get them out of my sight!) and believe me, Danny and his friends will finish them off in about 5 minutes! ... well, my husband looked up at me with this sort of disgusting look on his face and said, " Just leave them in there, whats the big deal ... why are you making this such a problem". (All the time with that 'face' and rolling his eyes, etc..)
I FREAKED OUT! ... Told him it WAS a big deal to ME .. I said "We've been together over 22 years, but in case you haven't noticed - I HAVE A PROBLEM CONTROLLING MYSELF AROUND FOOD" .. Told him how difficult it was for me to admit my downfall .. and how happy I was that I could finally admit this to someone .. and how DARE he make me feel like I was weak & had no self control.

I feel like I opened myself up only to get punched down .. but, I proudly haven't done my "usual" (which is to say "f-it" and eat ALL the cookies - or whatever..). I had my chicken burger on a diet roll with a tsp catsup, and a large greens salad with 3 sliced strawberries and a few pumps of fat free salad spray.

Thanks for letting me vent Sometimes it makes you feel better to get it off your chest ... and I'm sure a few of you can relate.

Toy - I also have Yorkies .. my two are tiny ones (and I love them with all my heart!).

Sara, I had the chocolate pecan bar today as well ... and yes, it IS delicious! Everything I've had so far is SO much tastier than MF meals.

Talk to you tomorrow friends (keep me in your prayers)
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Well maybe we should call this a yorkie club. I have two yorkie-poos. Teena and Gidget. Teena is also on a diet and it's so hard to watch her. She is hungry all the time. She is 13 years old and has a problem with her esphagus (sp). It narrows and she coughs-when she is a little thinner she doesnt cough as much. Wish they made WS For dogs. Gidget is a tiny one-she takes her time eating and Teena got in trouble to night for eating her food.

I changed my ticker to a 6 month goal-couldnt take the 102# to lose.

Chattie-One so sorry for the husband issue. Some people will never understand what it is like.

Toy-can you increase your exercise a little? Maybe just some leg lifts and arms lifts while you are sitting. I know you have some medical issues so just suggesting small exercises. They say even tapping your feet will increase calorie consumption.

I too had a problem at work with "the birthday treat" brownies. I have to admit I made it till after lunch but did have one and 1/2........

I have succeeded in doing the treadmill 3x since the 1st. I am just wondering if I should have a goal of 3x a week at what I am doing now or try to increase my speed? Any suggestions?

Welcome Paige. Glad to see you are here. Speed of sound=excellent job. REPK and ExTex-have a great week.

I just got a chance to sit down after doing the treadmill and cooking supper.

Have a great evening all.

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Default Good Morning

It's so good to see our new posters on the board. Welcome Paige and PLP.
Terrific job on the weight loss Nowisthetime! I think this is going to work really well for you. Chattie: Don't worry about a chocolate chip slip...we all have triggers that are especially hard. If they don't quit running those Denney's french toast commercials on TV, I'm going to have to have an intervention to keep from going there!
Sara: I've found the food to be tasty as well. (Of course, some things more than others!) The carmel pecan butter bars (I think that's the way they are listed) are really good. I've also enjoyed the bbq cheerio looking snacks. They are great when you want something salty to snack on.
We can all do this! One day at a time, one step at a time, or as Shero says one calorie at a time!
Toy: You are so sweet. Thank you for the bony comment. I could weigh 75 pounds and still look pudgy. haha. It was actually funny, I was in church Sunday and rubbed my hand across my neck and felt my collar bone. Kinda startled me at first...I thought "What have you done to your shoulder?" haha.
ExTex: Are you ok? Missing your posts!

Everyone, have a great, on plan day!
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Good morning!
I'm on my 2nd day today and I just found something I'm not too fond of. The strawberry shake. I don't think it got mixed well enough but I can probably finish the ones that I have just so I'm not wasting them.
I find that I don't want my coworkers knowing I'm doing this yet because if I do fail, I don't want them saying I told you so or I knew you couldn't do it. Anything negative. And while I'm doing it I couldn't bare to hear one person tell me it isn't healthy. I sometimes want to tell the lady that eats low-fat foods only and walks constantly that her flab doesn't seem to be moving so perhaps she should try something else. But that would be mean so I just ignore her comments

I hope everyone has a great day and stick with it! I am at the mentality now that I can do ANYTHING for 1 month. Then go from there.
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I have a any of you know of anybody having an allergic reaction to the products? Just wondering because I have broken out with a serious case of itchy hives on my face and neck and there's no other reason I can think of for this.
The nurse here at work thinks it may just be my makeup but I've used Clinique forever. I'm keeping on with the shakes until it's confirmed.
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plp0426-I have never had a reaction. Maybe you should call Wonderslim-I think we have a couple nurses on here-maybe they will post a little later. I would wonder why your whole body is not broke out. Try a little makeup on your hand and see if you get hives there.

If you have a hard time with the shakes-add chipped ice. I have a blender that I bought for $12-it's a 12 oz one and works wonderful. Walmart has them........

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Default Here I am...another lurky loo.

I have started the Wonderslim Diet and so far have been doing great! Lost 5lbs the first week and 2nd the second. I am now on my 3rd week and just looking forward to bigger numbers. I like that this diet makes me feel good, and full it's not like I am dying to eat something different, or that I'm starving so far it's holding steady.

Do any of you have any inspiring words of wisdom?? I've heard of people losing BIG numbers each week. Or is 2lbs standard?
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Welcome MrsMiller:

Glad to see you have joined our thread.

Words of Wisdom:

1. Lots of prayer.
2. Keep a log (calorie count). has a wonderful tracker.
3. Drink Water
4. Use this thread as support.
5. Check out WebMD and Mayo clinic for information.
6. Like PPl0426-dont tell everyone you know your dieting.

Weight loss is based on calories. 3500 calorie reduction-lose a pound. 3500 calories to gain a pound.

How the body metoblishes (sp) is very individual. You can figure what it takes to be at your current weight and then figure deduction on calories.

This is information from my Lose it tracker. The most you can put in is 2# a week. My daily calorie budget is 1562 calories a day. If I have a daily calorie budget of 1000 calories-that is another # a week. 500x7=3500. I personally have had 800 calorie days-which some say is too low.

Here is an example of my day:

1Chocolate Bariwise Shake-equals two wonderslim shakes.

Nutrisystem black bean tortilla soup
baked potato chips-darn vending machine

Wonderslim Berry Smoothie

Dinner or Supper to me:

2 Reduced calorie Whole Wheat Bread
5 oz Hormel Pork
Barbecue sauce-4 tab.

Here is my nutrient info:

Calories 1036
Fat 13.8g
Carbs 133.4
Protein 95.2g

Lose it also gives sodium count-seems high. Cholesterol. Fiber and Sugar.

It also gives you an analysis on your calorie intake for the weeks.

Week 1-I was 3,274 calories below suggested intake. Jan 1-8
Week 2-I was 2,361 calories below suggested intake. Jan 8-14
Week 3-I was 3,107 calories below suggested intake. Jan 15-22
Week 4 I was 1,302 calories below suggested intake Jan 23-28
Week 5-tbd Feb 1-

4x2=8 lbs. 3# in 4 weeks of calories below suggested intake. So here we have 11# and I have lost 17#.
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