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I didn't expect to lose weight this week and was just hoping not to gain but expected I might. I only gained .2#, I'm 152.8 today and I'm ok with that as long as I don't gain more. Lots to do today. I spent last night catching up on some things but today I have to call the bank and complete this several page form they sent me for a short-sale.

Donna - Staying in and warm sounds like a good plan!

Marie - That was exactly the way it was with my dil and son! I think you are right in confronting her. I made the mistake for way too many years of just pretending nothing was wrong.

Pam - Don't give've done it before and you can do it! Nice that your dh is so cooperative with the walking too. Walking is the very best exercise! I also like light weights. Both the walking and weights help me stay at least a little stronger. I'm 68 and never exercised much (except walking in my younger years), until I was at least mid-50s. Then started using exercise videos, then eventually started in a senior class at a gym. Now I love to exercise and miss it if I don't do it. Try different ways of eating to see what works for you...for me it seems to be low cal/low carb/high protein/high fiber mini meals throughout the day and one day when I eat only a large amount of veggies and 5-7 oz lean protein. For others it is different. I think if you go with your natural eating patterns you will stick to it better. When you start to see the weigh loss you will get more motivated. Post whenever you can so we can help support you. We all need encouragement, support.

Mom - So happy you have made it to the 150s! I finally did too and was so happy too because it seemed like I never would ...LOL about your mom and the fridge. My dh has had both eyes done and it worked out really well for him too. My vision has always been poor and I sure hate to lose more.

Rosey - I have a 20 year old gs (this month) and soon a 22 year old gd! I can't believe it. And the gd is now married! Life is passing entirely too quickly for me!

Well, better start my day before it's gone all have a good one!
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