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Good Hola, All…

I hear my neighbor snow-blowing my driveway! We bought the snow blower together last year and didn’t use it once! This year, I think we’ll get our money’s worth. It is so wonderful to not have to take four hours to shovel that long driveway! My heart won't threaten to explode, my back won’t hurt, and life is grand! Simple pleasures…. We’ll probably get 4-5” today.

Marie – I had fun with the Halloween poopers. No one objected to my parsimonious offerings, and at least they won’t puke from eating too many pencils (I hope!). The little ones were really cute.

Glad you weren’t hurt in your confrontation with Bambi! Was Bambi hurt? I don’t know how you could just hit it straight on and not try to brake… it seems like reflexes (and compassion) would take over!

Lynn – has your class roster increased? Will they even continue the class, if just one signs up? Which topic, this time?

– I hope you have good weather for your trek to Vermont! I’ll be anxious to hear the nitty details. Drive safely!

KarenFL – I laughed at you hearing “squealing sounds” from up north and blaming it on CK’s keyboard! Since she’s already an accordion pro, she’ll probably be regaling us on FB in no time at all! Your cleaning people AREN’T! I agree with Bobbi: fire those thieves!

Bobbi – is your house all back together? Do you LOVE the floors? Did you get laminate or hardwoods? I’ve wondered how they hold up when there are animals in the household. Is Charlie marring them? Headaches?? Your flower pictures are lovely!

CK – at SamCat’s age, I don’t want him entertaining any thoughts of procreating with the visiting girl kitty!!! FIL still doing okay?

Gayle – no, the anti-inflammation book hasn’t arrived yet… maybe this week? I’m anxious to read it. I also have a voucher for acupuncture that I need to use, and I’m sure those folks are also versed in the anti-inflammation stuff. I’d be just fine if I never had to walk! Are your own booboos better?

Wow, CarolSue – you’ve been through the mill! Good luck with the upcoming surgery!

Rosey – I was shocked that you had 4 treaters! I visualize you in an outback place, accessible only by airplane! Is it dark all day yet? When does DH return? Are the furbabies all doing well?

Rie – you sound fully recovered! SamCat thanks you for the compliment. He agrees that he is quite pleasant to peer upon!

Lyn – so good to hear from you! I’m sorry to read about your DD’s problems. Bi-polar seems to be such a difficult problem, since they don’t want to do meds when they feel well and then don’t have the ability to do meds when they aren’t feeling well. Stay in touch!

Darcy – how is your son doing in school?

Freda – how is your doctor treating the FX? Are you wearing a bandage or what?

I’m so looking forward to today. We had a lunch scheduled with the cousins and Aunty Ann at Granny’s, but the old ladies (me included) decided they didn’t want to venture outside. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… I’ve been in a pissy, imposed upon mood the last couple of days, anyway, so it’s better to just hide out and snuggle with SamCat.

Everyone, good Wednesday! Newbies – welcome!

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