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There are basically two types of vegan chocolate:

1) Dark chocolate. Not all dark chocolate is vegan, manufacturers often smuggle in a bit of dairy, but it hugely increases the chances. If it's high quality, it will be 70% cocoa or higher. Occasionally you can find chocolate by bigger manufacturers which is cheap and lower in cocoa. It's then higher in fat and sugar, of course, but some people can't take high levels of cocoa (e.g. migraineurs). Generally speaking, the darker the chocolate, the more bitter it will get (I've had 99% cocoa) and the less likely most people are to binge on it.

2) Fake dairy chocolate. This will usually be made by specialist manufacturers catering to vegans/allergy sufferers, and the dairy is replaced with plant milks. The quality varies a lot, and the price tends to be high. I don't like most of the fake milk chocolates out there, though there's one fairly nice one I've had to stop buying because I will guzzle far too much of it. However, there are a few vegan white chocolates out there which I really like. I think I know of two brands: one is a fancy vegan one and very pricey for a 100g bar, and the other is a cheaper dairy-free brand which does 25g bags of white chocolate buttons which I can get from the larger supermarkets. I occasionally indulge in the latter.

My current approach is to keep a bar of 85% chocolate in the cupboard and allow myself occasional very small pieces, about 3g at a time. It's dark enough that this really is manageable, and I savour the mouthful properly instead of bolting it. I have also discovered chocolate tea (Choco by Yogi), where the teabag is made up of cocoa shells and spices which you steep in boiling water. It's fairly chocolatey but you're not actually eating any chocolate!

What is everyone else doing?

(By the way, howdy, I'm new here.)
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