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Originally Posted by ShanIAm View Post
Oh Beila, I get so excited when I see you post here because that means you are getting closer or you have reached the 140ís. AND YOU ARE SO CLOSE!! YAY!

As far as what I have doneÖ.wellÖ. I will admit that when I first started in January I literally starved myself for 3 weeks losing the first 10-15 pounds too quickly. I was eating less than 500 calories a day. And let me tell you, I was a real wench to be around! I knew it wasnít healthy for me physically and mentally so I increased calories & joined a gym. Now I keep my food calorie deficit at around 500-600 a day and I work out 5x a week. Iíll do an hour of cardio and every other time I will do 30-45 minutes of strength training. I also lowered my carb intake to approx 100-150g a day. That was the hardest to do but the most rewarding for me especially when you incorporate exercise. My body does not like to let go of carbs so being sedentary didnít burn them off for me quickly and I never burned fat.

Iím one of the lucky ones when it comes to sweets. They never did much for me. My food addictions centered around chips and cheesy dips, bowls of pasta and anything fried.

The thing I have found is that my diet is pretty sustainable. I'll of course increase calories and carbs (to a point) when I reach goal but for now, I'm not feeling all that deprived most days. Which is good considering I was (am?) a classic binge eater.
Wow! Thanks for sharing your routine. I need to incorporate some of them into my routine. I really have been literally stuck in 150's forever due to binging. I binged again last night, so I'm up in pounds (probably water weight though) and will be another while till I am here. I was just so stressed out last night. So sad! Well, I'm going to take some of your advice like strength training, which I haven't done, and keeping a good eye on calorie deficit. I'm glad to have you to support and cheer me on. It's been a real struggle for me, but reading how much you've lost this year is sooo inspiring to me, especially since you're at the weight I want to be right about now! Also, you are probably the most consistent weight loser I've come across on this forum. You go girl! Thanks for all!

Mini Goal #1: 140's by end of July --> Met 7/22/11
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