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Morning all. Yes, still morning here, if I can post within the next 10 min.!!

Mel – Sorry your sciatica is acting up!! Hope it calms down – more codeine if needed!!

Michelle – So I hope you’re on your way home to take your meds (or are already home). Your boss is very wise to make sure his most excellent employee is given the time and flexibility you need to get back on your feet!! Bf & I did get to the movies - we saw Rabbit Hole, for which Nicole Kidman was nominated for an Oscar. It was a very good movie, but rather sad. We saw a preview for a movie called Source Code and it looks interesting.

Happy – Thanks for starting the new thread!! Too bad about the leaking washer, but yay for the warranty!! So nice to hear someone has a bit of spring. I was going to tell bf he’s probably right about the remaining blizzard snow piles – they might be here ‘til May in spite of somewhat milder weather lately.

Ceejay – Okay, let’s hear some more about springy things in your neck of the woods. :flow3: Loving the daylight – and daylight savings time begins on 3/13 – woohoo!!! Glad you’re midway through your 7-day run and that it’s going okay for you. Hope you find what’s smelling/causing the smell. That would drive me nuts.

Ellen – Good you at least have a commission coming to you. We received our annual bonus Friday & it was more than last year’s, which was ZERO!! I’m glad it’s back, even though I won’t see any value to half of it for at least a year because half was paid in the form of company stock that vests gradually over the next two years – and that’s only if I don’t leave the company for greener pastures.

Annie – Ah, the Italian roast is beef! Yum. Sorry you’re getting the crappy weather. We’re getting weird mixes of rain/snow lately and it leaves the pavement slippery/slushy. Ugh.

Shad – If I don’t get the chance tomorrow, have a safe flight and a fun time in NZ!!

I overslept this morning, so it was a very good thing doggy started barking about something 40 minutes after my alarm was supposed to go off! I’d forgotten to set it last night and I think I would have kept on sleeping otherwise!

Tonight I’m going to see “Unknown” with the movie group.

What else to report? Yesterday was payday. Today begins March. Highlights for the next few weeks: My physical exam is this Thursday afternoon (have to upload my BP readings from the monitor to the computer so I can print them out and bring them to the dr). Monday starts my fitness passport exercise classes. Next Friday is the day I’m going to the garden show, so I’m taking a half-day of vacation. Daylight savings time begins on 3/13 and I think the 21st is the first day of spring!

My elbow still hurts and it's very different now than it was before, when it was on the elbow and the pain was in the forearm muscle. Now the pain is pretty much contained in the elbow and slightly above. Strange.

Oops, got interrrupted and it's not morning anymore!
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