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Ok, now to bump this thread on top of the other one.

Hope this is a good month for all of us. Heaven knows there were some trying times last month.

Spring is officially here. The early blooming trees have popped. White and pink little flowers all over. The 70 degree temps have taken a dive though. It was so cold out there this morning even the cat refused to get out and went back to her snuggly blanket. It's not stopping the birds from singing though. I love their spring songs.

My washer is leaking - good thing the extended warranty is still active. But since the repairman is coming tomorrow, I spent yesterday just picking up and tidying things up. Got a bunch of liquid fabric softener bottles I have to take to work or give away. I have one of those high efficiency / low water washers - the kind without an agitator. It doesn't use much water and while it gets the clothes wonderfully clean, I find that I can't use any strong smelling detergents or softeners because the smell is just horridly strong. I hope they never stop making Downy Lavender Vanilla. I guess there will be alot of people benefitting from some "extra freebies" showing up in the coffee area.

I always hate when we start a new thread because I can't remember what people talked about so it's hard to respond. I just remember some Oscar conversations.

Shad - have a good flight. I hope the weather is nice and there is no unitended rumblings while you are there.

Hope your breathing comes easier today Michelle.

Is it shopping day for Mel yet?

Gotta run now, will be back later to chat with the rest of the chicks.
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