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GOOOD Morning everyone!!!

First of all LOSINGFORGOOD2010 You look AMAZING. I really hope you enjoyed yourself on your trip!!!
I had such a good week last week I surprised myself everyday! I stuck to protocol and saw the scale go DOWN. Even on the weekend filled with b-day parties...I ordered steak veggies and drank Perrier with crystal light instead of the good old vodka lime and so on...and it wasn't even hard! I was so proud!
Yesterday morning I felt horrible..didn't go to work decided to go weigh myself...-5!!!!!!!! I was soo happy I was doing the happy dance going down the stairs.... Go figure that at that moment I went downstairs celebrated made a peanut butter sandwich for my boyfriend..and next thing you know I am licking the knife and almost going for a second scoop...WHAT THE ****!!!!!!! I am such an emotional eater it's not even funny! I lose weight and want to eat...serious issues going up in there!
My boyfriend looked at me with big eyes and it was like the movies..I put down the knife sloooowly and just looked at it and started saying NO NO NO NO YOU COULD DO THIS LOLLLL geez louiseeee! Anywho It tasted good, got my taste buds satisfied and my guilt up high too but what is done is done right and I will just look at this and remind myself that I did right this whole time,..I can do it right one day at a time I am seeing this a learning experience!

I hope you all have a FANTASSSTIC IP day my friends

One for every 5lbs lost FOREVER:


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