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BOOTSIE ~ you say that for exercise you walk and clean house -- what about this ...
... and lifting feed and loading it again in trucks.
How much do those things weigh? Anywhere from 25-50 lbs each, I'd say ... we used to farm and I recall trying to move them around when I was young; too heavy for me and I know that my brothers sure didn't like hauling them around much.

You do enuff work at your hardware and feed store, plus cleaning your home and looking after your animals ... I'm surprised you would need to do anymore than all that really. You are already a work-horse -- and I mean that in the kindest way ...

JENNYGIRL ~ well, maybe you can indeed take the basics of South Beach and make it a bit more flexible to your own liking. Pick a calorie cap and see what happens. You could start with 2100 and see if you lose any weight on that; if not, then move it down 100 calories at a time until you do. They say to take your weight and multiply that by 10; but I find that doesn't work for larger folks -- plus my last doctor and I both believed that my metabolism was a bit slow from years of yo-yo-ing.

I am trying the one based on the size I am aiming for, ie 200 x 10 (which is size 18 for me). That is my maintenance cap; and I started out at 2100, then went down to 2000, and so on. I tried 1500-1700 for a while, but may go back to 1600-1800 for the winter, as that worked for me last winter -- I lost about 15 lbs on that amount.

Just make a few changes and get started: 1) cut out junk food 2) cut out fast foods (make your own healthier versions like baked) 3) cut down simple white carbs like flour & sugar & goodies. This would be a good start; then just eat a good healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- with a few healthy snacks that you love. You will have to experiment some as you go.

As for the spiritual part, I like doing my daily devotional each morning. As soon as I get up, I make a coffee and go sit in my rocking chair and do my morning prayers, praises, and devotional, which includes reading. It only takes about 1 minute to read it, and 1 minute to look at the bible scripture; in all, it only takes about 5 minutes -- not very long really.

I think one of the most common errors is that we get too strict with ourselves -- and I believe that may be one of the top reasons why we regained in the past. I still allow myself some of my favorite things, in moderation. I have found things to sub for the high fat, high sugary ones so I don't feel deprived. I have NSA chocolate pudding that tastes just as good as the other kind (maybe even better).

I don't look at this as a temporary diet; this is a life-long healthy journey for me now. I am taking my time and learning in the process. I have lost this weight slowly becuz I don't want to gain it back. There is no going back this time. I now know that the other times, I thought it was a permanent fix and it was not!

I was thinking today, that we need to find and/or create an eating plan that is healthy, but enjoyable -- and one that will allow us to still make healthy choices (for the most part), no matter what is going on in our lives! For I think that if we do that at least 90% of the time, we will lose weight and we will not regain what we've lost.

We also need to find activities to do that we love; like I love gardening for instance. It doesn't feel like exercise but it is. Today, I found a new aerobic exercise that gave me a really good workout but I loved it. I bought myself a very light-weight battery weed whacker. I spent a couple hours doing that on and off (a bit in the am and some in the pm) and got my heart beat up good. Things like that.

We have to get away from this "I must lose weight and do it now" mentality -- like we're in some kind of frenzy or something. Experience tells us that doesn't work for most people and our bodies fight that. Sometimes, I think that we blame ourselves too much for what is really just a biological defense mechanism.

Your body doesn't want to be starved; so you have to fool it. Eat lots of low-cal healthy stuff and some good fats, lean meats, piles of veggies and salads, some fruit & dairy; and some healthy complex carbs -- a good balanced plan really. I think our bodies will like that in the long run.

Well, that's enuff rambling for tonight ...
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