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Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
♥ Instead of the Chocolate drink which is 7 carbs, why not have the chocolate pudding as a drink for only 3 carbs!! Just add 10 - 12 oz of water I like mine with a bit of instant decaf coffee, some coconut extract & a bit of good

♥Add a bit of coconut extract to your raspberry jello for a change of flavor!

♥Turn your vanilla pudding in to a shake by adding about 10 oz of water. Add a dash of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon and some splenda to make it seem like a delicious no no

♥Add some diet splenda sweetened ginger ale to your raspberry jello to give it some effervescence!

♥Experiment to keep it interesting!

Mix up the packages into new flavors - I recently started adding half a package of chocolate pudding and half a package of cappuccino to 10 oz of water then pouring it in a mug and heating it for about a minute (give or take depending on the microwave). It's delicious and comforting and rich. Next I'm going to blend it with ice to make a yummy mocha ice cap!

Have you tried a dreamsicle yet (1/2 orange drink & 1/2 vanilla pudding with 8 oz of water)?

Have you tried a strawberry delight (1/2 strawberry pudding & 1/2 vanilla pudding with 10 oz of water)

or how about a double iced cappuccino (1 pkg of cappuccino mixed and 8 oz of coffee shaken over ice).

Experimenting with flavors and new ideas will keep you on the track to success!
Jordanna made the above suggestions and had them in her thread "tips for newbies".

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