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Originally Posted by nonnag View Post
Good for you for choosing IP! My husband (Michael) and I started together. Tomorrow will be two weeks. Michael had gotten a sheet of the IP items our clinic carries and I noticed all those bars that sounded so good. Since I wasn't a fan of the soups, nor of the pudding, I had Michael get a bunch of the bars the first week so we could have those as our snack at night. Well, it did sabotage our weight loss. I noticed it quickly though, and realized that they were on the restricted list (only meaning that it is best if you do not use them during the first three weeks). As good as they are (and I mean, they are EXCELLENT), we decided to hold those until later.

I have found that my favorite is the Capuccino drink mix, which I do as a shake by mixing it with 7 oz of cold water and using 3-4 ice cubes made from leftover coffee (I used flavored coffee too), and adding 1 packet of splenda. I have a Cook's mini blender that I use to mix it into a YUMMY coffee-flavored shake. I could have these three times a day!

I am feeling SO much better and my cravings for sweets, bread and fat have GONE (never accomplished that with any other diet). Best thing is that Michael was having major problems with diabetes (type II). He was on four Metformin a day and the day before we started diet his blood sugar reading was 312 (even with the four metformin). During the first week, he reduced his metformin to 1 a day. He is now OFF the metformin and his blood sugar readings have been between 83 and 110!

I wish you the best of luck with your venture. I know this site will help you. Be sure and check out the recipe sections.

Nonna G

You are smart to weight on the restricteds, IMHO, they kind of rob you during the first weeks of the potential success. After a few weeks or more, they don't seem to have the same degree of impact on weight loss.

I love the idea of using the frozen coffee ice cubes. SO much better than diluting the drink with ice. I am certain that tip would be valuable to others too. You might want to post it to the recipes thread!

I am so happy to hear you have better control over your food cravings. I noticed that too! I don't have nearly as much issue as I had on other diets. The best part of this diet is the health changes!! You and your husband must be so excited about his reduction in medication. congratulations on that benefit.

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