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Default Not Impressed with Jillian's Website

Ok, I signed up earlier today.

It's pretty much just like (which is free) and Weight Watchers and similar. It's OK as far as it says what to eat and how to work out, etc. If you like her style, it may be for you. Fair enough.

However, what I was seriously unimpressed with was the way ordering was completed. I kept reading $4 a day. As I was signing up, I was expecting to see some sort of "you must pay for a month to get in". I didn't. I just kept seeing $4 a month.

So I thought that was cool, until my account with PayPal was dinged for $52 after completion of the order. (The order within PayPal didn't even show me how much I was paying in full.)

Ok, given that it -could- have been my fault, I missed something along the way that stated the true cost of this program, I went ahead and checked out the inside of the website.

As mentioned, I felt it was similar to SparkPeople or Weight Watchers as far as tracking what you eat, etc. The choices they make for you to pick from are very limited. I couldn't look ahead to see what sort of exercises I could do for the following week. I don't know. I wasn't all that impressed with how the website is layed out, how unclear the plan is.

I'm asking for money back. I wasn't expecting to pay so much right off for something like this. I was unhappy with the complete under-defined explaination of the costs. I may be a little biased because of the cost, but if I had known I was paying $52 to try it out... I doubt I would have spent the money on it.
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