The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Default Not Impressed with Jillian's Website

Ok, I signed up earlier today.

It's pretty much just like (which is free) and Weight Watchers and similar. It's OK as far as it says what to eat and how to work out, etc. If you like her style, it may be for you. Fair enough.

However, what I was seriously unimpressed with was the way ordering was completed. I kept reading $4 a day. As I was signing up, I was expecting to see some sort of "you must pay for a month to get in". I didn't. I just kept seeing $4 a month.

So I thought that was cool, until my account with PayPal was dinged for $52 after completion of the order. (The order within PayPal didn't even show me how much I was paying in full.)

Ok, given that it -could- have been my fault, I missed something along the way that stated the true cost of this program, I went ahead and checked out the inside of the website.

As mentioned, I felt it was similar to SparkPeople or Weight Watchers as far as tracking what you eat, etc. The choices they make for you to pick from are very limited. I couldn't look ahead to see what sort of exercises I could do for the following week. I don't know. I wasn't all that impressed with how the website is layed out, how unclear the plan is.

I'm asking for money back. I wasn't expecting to pay so much right off for something like this. I was unhappy with the complete under-defined explaination of the costs. I may be a little biased because of the cost, but if I had known I was paying $52 to try it out... I doubt I would have spent the money on it.
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Oh and... even within the website, I don't see anything that says $52 and I don't see where it says how long $52 will let me continue in the program or what the deuce.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?
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I had a free trial for the website, but they tried to charge me after the trial was over even though I canceled. I sent them an email and they stopped the charges. Even if it was $4 a month, I was highly unimpressed with the website. I'd rather use sparkpeople for free!
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The $52 is for a quarter, or 3 months. That's 208 a year...and the only real "value add" is that Jillian sometimes posts there. I'll get my Jillian fixes elsewhere and spend that 208 dollars on fitness equipment and new clothes!
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To be quite honest, next year, I'm only joining (temporarily) so I can go on the wellness cruise.
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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
The $52 is for a quarter, or 3 months. That's 208 a year...and the only real "value add" is that Jillian sometimes posts there. I'll get my Jillian fixes elsewhere and spend that 208 dollars on fitness equipment and new clothes!
Same for me!!! Love her, but I could use that $$ in so many other ways!
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Jillian's site is just another weight loss website run by Waterfront Media. They also run the South Beach site and I remember whenever I called with issues on the SBD site, they would read the scripts for Jillian's site which of course, didn't make sense to me. LOL

For plan details and info, read the book; for support, use one of the many free websites (like 3FC) instead.
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ooooo what is the Wellness Cruise?
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Has anyone tried her workout dvd's? I wasn't impressed with the kickboxing one.
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Thanks for sharing about sparkpeople! Hadn't heard of it and I signed up today and love it!!
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I had the same experience. The website was just to clunky, so I only stayed for the free 7 day trial. Too pricey when I have an app that does more and was only $1.99. Yes, I have to add everything, but for someone like me that cooks several meals for a week, once the info is in there you are done, plus they send me email progress reports. Will be following her plan, just not using her website. Plus that is the problem that I have with all these diet sites, they are not user friendly, you don't want to make it a chore to enter your info and get meal plans, or people will not stick to it once the "honeymoon" period is over. I understand having variety, but realistically people who have busy lives are not going to be shopping, preping, cooking, and cleaning for a diffrent meal for 7 days for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

I really tried to make a meal plan on her site and it took me 30 minutes to change out just the breakfasts for the week, that didn't include getting the shopping list and recipes for those meals and I couldn't get any of the exercies to come up on my computer. Then to add insult, I found that I could upgrade my app for $3.99 a week, which is still too pricey in MHO. Love Jullian, but the website needs some serious work. Will be starting the plan on Monday, but will be on my own.
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Thanks for this knowledge, I was considering signing up to her sight, not now.
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I am now glad I did not sign up for her site. I got on her mailing list a few years ago and get regular emails that I occasionally dig through for pep talks or recipes. I think that, along with the workout videos I enjoy, is enough Jillian for me.

habakuktwo: I've personally had good experiences with some of her workout videos, specifically the 30 day Shred, Ripped in 30 and No More Trouble Zones.

I didn't enjoy Burn Fat Boost Metabolism that much but that's just because I'd rather go for a run or take a dance class then do a 45 minute cardio workout in my basement. It was a good workout though. I also wasn't thrilled with the abs one.

I haven't done the kettle bell one because I've heard iffy things about it and didn't feel like buying a kettle bell. I also have not done her yoga.
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Same experience here, I didn't get any help from that site at all, not until I cancelled my membership, that is. Then I started getting lots of emails and support. Go figure. Lol.

I have to add that I think Jillian is probably a really great trainer and I am impressed with her overall, which is why I joined that site in the first place, but you just don't get much of "her", so it wasn't motivational for me at all.
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$4 a day! holy crow. There are so many great free calorie counting sites out there.
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