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Originally Posted by choosie1 View Post
Jordanna - I have some questions regarding phase 3.....I gave up on my coach a while ago - so I hope you can provide some of your excellent advice!!! The one document lists Milk as a fat - is that right? Also...can we have oatmeal or steel cut oats for breakfast as long as it is under 30 grams of carbs....I am just trying to get my head wrapped around breakfast as I will be transitioning to phase 3 in June 6th....Thanks!
Hey Choosie, sorry it took me so long to answer your question - I don't check all the threads all the time!

That's too bad about your coach - it does seem that some of them are useless!

You are absolutely correct that you can have oatmeal or steel cut oats as long as it's under 30 g of carbs and yes, milk is considered a fat! It's hard to wrap your brain around things when you've been doing something else and gotten used to that lol. I know I've looked at the phase 3 sheet a few different times trying to figure everything out...and that's just breakfast, imagine once we're on maintenance!
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