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Originally Posted by Jillian View Post
Hi all. I am new to this forum and cant seem to find where to find where to post my questions. I am starting a low carb, low calorie diet tomorrow. I have found that i am a carbohydrate addict and my cravings cause me to binge, resulting in continuous fluctuations in my weight. I am to the desparate point and am going to crack down here. Can anyone please tell me what to expect on a plan like this? I am worried about the hunger, fatigue, and cravings, and also the inability to sleep. When will the hunger subside and the energy come back? Also, when should i expect to go into ketosis?

Info about me: I am a 26 year old female, very athletic, good muscle tone, 5'8, 146 lbs, looking to get back to my previous weight of 130 (before i got the depo-shot). That was the weight i was at for years, looked great and felt great at it. I plan on sticking to about 1200 calories a day with 25 grams or less of carbohydrates, low fat, high in protein, and take multivitamins and supplements.

Thank you!!!
Hi Jillian! Were you looking for a low carb forum in general, an atkins plan forum, or this one - Ideal Protein.

Ideal Potein is a designed program that keeps net carbs to 30 or under, is low fat, moderate to high protein of roughly 70g a day or so, and, as a result, the calories are in the 800 to MAX of 1100... you would get to the 1200 cal at 25 carbs without a very high protein or high fat contribution. We all buy packaged foods (not all from the same places) that fit with the guidelines. We use a fair amount of salt, supplement potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and take a high potency multivitamin to accomodate the foods we are not permitted to included in the program.

If you are seeking to try the ideal protein plan we are excited to have you with us! If this post was supossed to be for the atkins group or the many other low carb groups, the links below will get you there!

Originally Posted by reddog59 View Post
I am so happy I found this site. I heard about this program and will be speaking to a doctor about it on Wednesday next week. I have tried WW, HCG, Atkins and Nutrisystem. Is this another fad diet or do you think it REALLY works?

This is DEFINITELY not a fad diet. It ABSOLUTELY works! The program has been around for 27 years beginning in Europe, coming to Canada first and, 3 years ago, joining the USA. There have been over 7million people who have successfully achieved their goal weights on this plan. It has FDA approval in the USA and is as you know a medically administered program. From experience (nearly 6 months on the program) I can tell you IT WORKS, IT WORKS WELL, and you WILL LOSE. Better yet, your body really does get to a point it metabolizes differently and better than it did before!

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