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Hi, Lana43083--welcome! I was on the low-carb plan (mail order) and now am on the low-fat plan. THe food on the low carb (mail order) is all pre-cooked and then frozen; it really only needs to be heated so I guess you could eat it cold , but I don't think it would be appetizing at all. THe low carb plan is all meat (beef, chicken, pork, fish) and vegetables. No sandwich type meals. The low fat plan (mail order) so far seems to have some sandwich and other meals which could be eaten cold easier IMO than the low carb.

But if you heated the meal up at home and then put it into an insulated container to stay hot, that might be a lot tastier than trying to eat meat and veggies cold. One of the great strengths of Diet to Go, I think, is that the food is appetizing. Best not to ruin your chances of staying with it because you tried to choke down cold food. IMO
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