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Default Beck Diet For Life/Solution – December 2009 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:and the first bookThe Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful deiting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck easues you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before monving on to the next. And you'll learn tehcniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll acheive a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here.

The books are available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking their names above; buying through 3FC helps to cover the costs of running this site.

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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - A working lunch with food brought in was good and bad. I had a big salad with minimal Italian dressing and half a turkey wrap after discarding the wrap and cheese; CREDIT moi. Not so good was encountering a bowl of chips - not the usual bags of chips that I readily ignore - that were home fried to be thick and crusty. So, I had a small handful on top of my salad. Not so bad since I would have felt deprived if I'd skipped them. I did ignore the sodas and the warm "home made" cookies. Good enough.

Typical Monday at the gym after a two day rest felt like starting from scratch; CREDIT moi. After dinner snack was half a persimmon - one weird fruit. If you wait just the right time until it's ripe, it's very sweet. If you get greedy and eat right up to the stem, you get the uber bitter that puckers the mouth.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for working on just "us" time with your DH. That does sound like a challenge to be with each other 24/7 and leave the business at the office.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for a DS with a fever; Kudos for using the time for a home workout. Squat jumps with DS crawling underneath does seem a special challenge, LOL. Thanks for the good reminder, "The trick is keeping the small stuff from becoming a pattern."

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Thatsa' lot of dancing broccoli, LOL. Special kudos for stopping yourself from nibbling, picking, and tasting.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for too much driving instead of exercising. Yep, Kudos for the healthy choices and for giving yourself credit for them. Yes, a beach walk in late November was a super treat - nice to be reminded to appreciate that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - You continue to amaze me with your leaving food at the restaurants. Yep, it does seem like you've made this second nature. I think I'll try your strategy of going with the mindset that the servings are going to be too large.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for tending three sickies - hope health quickly returns. Gotta wonder about this part of your reference, "Exerting self-control depletes glucose." It seems to suggest that resisting a cookie depletes glucose for which eating a cookie is the solution. Perhaps I can resolve that conundrum by re-reading Catch 22, LOL.

Shepherdess - Ouch for gummy peach candies slipping mindlessly into the mouth. Kudos for examining the situation. Yep, it's true for me "2) don’t bring treats into the house unless I already have a plan for them."

Readers -
day 10
Set a Realistic Goal

Now let's talk about the rate at which you want to lose weight. Although you probably don't want to hear this, the answer is the slower the better. During the first week, you might lose several pounds. This isn't unusual since at the start of a diet most weight loss comes from water and not from fat. You probably won't continue losing at that rate, though, so don't get discouraged later on.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 113.

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Default Thanksgiving weekend report

I didn't stay on plan over the weekend. Overall, I made a few bad choices and many good ones. I'm struggling to celebrate the latter and commit to planning ahead to avoid the former. Yesterday was a pretty good day, and today will be a totally on plan day.
WI-no weigh-in. Did not read my cards or make a plan. Food – off-plan (except on Monday), Exercise – off-plan (although I did 54 minutes of walking on Sunday, 30m on Monday).
The Good

          The Bad

                The Ugly
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                  Happy December everyone! I love December—perhaps because I’m a December baby. I’m even looking forward to the cold snap we are about to get. I’ve gotten soft because we’ve had an exceptionally nice fall (besides a freakish cold snap in October). The upcoming cold weather is a great way to remind myself that I live in Wyoming and that means I’m tough—LOL.

                  Yesterday’s eating was OP, yay. I went for a run, but I left a little late and cut it short a mile. But I did get bonus exercise giving my dogs a bath. My FIL took our spaniel on a hunting trip over the weekend and returned her very dirty. I think it’s payback because whenever we take care of his dogs, I take them running and we explore the ranch. Then I return them dirtier than when I got them.

                  Wndranne, congrats on an exceptional day. Kudos for staying on plan and finding a way to get some exercise when your planned exercise didn’t work out. Yay for the dropping weight.

                  KidsLibrarylady, sorry for the house full of sick people. Thanks for the link on self-control. I found it particularly interesting that “subjects that were given a task that involves self-control were later less able to exert self-control, even in entirely different areas.” I was recently reading a study (can’t remember where) that found that dieters that completely relied on self-control were less successful than dieters that limited their exposure to temptation. It seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us beat ourselves up for having no self-control when we’ve repeatedly put ourselves in difficult situations. Certainly self-control is something that a person can build, but overreliance on it sets a person up for failure. It seems like a more sane approach is to work on self-control in smaller, carefully controlled situations, but most of the time, create an environment that sets you up for success.

                  Bennyhannamamma, congrats on an excellent day! Kudos for practicing the skills on your list and bonus kudos for practicing skills that were not on your list.

                  Gardenerjoy, yay for restaurant dining becoming second nature! It’s a tribute to all of your hard work. I’m inspired that you now find it easy to leave food on your plate. I’m looking forward to getting to that point.

                  FutureFitChick, kudos for a good holiday experience. I know it was difficult, but it sounds like you did really well. It’s great that your DH is so supportive. I think that’s really important. And kudos for coming out of the holidays with your next week prepped.

                  BillBE, good job on eating well at the working lunch. I agree that a minor indulgence is better than feeling deprived. Kudos on getting to the gym. My family always loved to get persimmons in December, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one. They always looked too weird to me. I’ll have to try one this year—although WY may not be the place to get them.

                  ChinaMaine, you have a great attitude for focusing on what you did well, and planning a way to avoid what you didn’t.
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                  Hello everyone

                  Sorry I have not been checking in too often- lots going on.

                  gardenerjoy- It is so sad how much illness your family is facing. Times like this are so tough. I am hoping for the best for your brother-in-law. Size 16!!!!!!! wow.

                  BillBlueEyes- Your walking away from stuff you don't want to eat is inspiring for me. It is really like what Beck says- strengthen your resistance muscle. I find it hard when faced with something extra good.

                  RE the ATV- we are fortunate to live in the boonies- there are plenty of old logging roads to ride. I find it so relaxing. We have one ATV so I make DH drive and I sit on the back and either use the time to think or even better I am actually able to go into a sort of semi-meditative state and only look at the forest and think nothing. It is great.

                  I think that was really cool what you did to reward yourself for each 5 pounds- exercise and nutrition books- that is full circle I think.

                  LOL re piecrust.

                  ChinaMaine- Your project of making a slide show sounds great. Something to keep forever. I love your The Good, The Bad and The Ugly lists.

                  Shepherdess- Excellent progress on the dinner in the restaurant and the lunch out. We all know how hard eating out is. Sounds like you did fantastic. And it was a major victory. We are both battling speed eating. It is as big of a challenge as anything

                  AnnZ- Welcome to you. Writing out a plan has been a help to me. That way I am on automatic pilot as to what I eat the next day. Yay for one pound gone. Fantastic.

                  RobinW- Your day for you was a great thing to do. We all need to take a lesson and set time aside to do good things for ourselves. LOL about the life coaches refusal to send you the book on stress. Sounds like a smart lady. Congratulations on being down several pounds. Fantastic.

                  KidsLibrarylady- throwing out the clothes that were too big!!!! What a dream. I hope you are glad you did it. Your weight loss is amazing. Have no brilliant suggestions re the speed eating. I was interested that you gave your husband permission to nag you---no going back from that eh? I think that was a very brave move.

                  wndranne- kuddos for having a bad day and putting it aside. That is great. The rewards for each 5 pounds I find is excellent. It helps me remember that even though I have so much to lose, every 5 pounds is important.

                  Nuxmaga- you are so busy but you are still doing what you need to do for you. Too busy is one of my oldest and most frequent excuses for not eating healthy. Credit in a big way.

                  FutureFitChick- I know how it feels to be disappointed that you did not do what you planned. Have been having lots of those moments myself. But really, the fact that you regrouped is all that counts. Those moments are always going to happen, it is what we do next that matters.

                  maryblu- you said "that is what this journey is about...better living." Thanks for those words. I have to keep reminding myself of this.

                  bennyhannahmama- how wonderful that you feel you are on a new journey. I need to reread the book again too, I know I sped through it the first time (kinda like how I eat. ). Can't give you any advice on the skills. I am using some and trying to get used to them, and then plan to try some more.

                  For me, I have been super busy, trying my best to plan meals and eat what I planned. It has been not so smooth, but whatever, I am still in the game. Today I ate a healthy breakfast, and am just about to take a walk and then have a healthy lunch. Then do weights and another walk before dinner. Then healthy dinner and NO SNACKING except for 1 planned, healthy snack. Evening eating.... big challenge +++

                  I am on vacation from work this week, HURRAY, so am taking some time to relax before heading to the city on Thursday for 2 days to Xmas shop. The upside- fun, the downside- restaurant eating. I am planning on not going overboard, just trying to eat as healthy as I can, in reasonable portions.

                  Take care everyone
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                  Lovin' Life
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                  Im checking in!!

                  100% op food so far...and dont see any obstacles in my way.
                  100% op exercise (Im off of the gym today) everything really hurts from my workout yesterday, but its a good hurt!!

                  ceejay~ I thought it was funny too when the life coach to any more books. When I read her email to me about helping me, I just broke down and cried....because she "got it". Enjoy your shopping in the city!!! Sounds like fun!

                  Bill~ yup....couple time is tricky. Even when we say "no business talk" after about an hour....we do Big Honkin' Kudos for skipping the warm cookies!!!!

                  Im working on a big fundraiser for march......more ideas that came to me on the treadmill!!!

                  shepherdress, chinamaine, anne and everyone I missed
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                  Coaches/Buddies, I managed to have a pretty good day in spite of running late and eating fast food out twice. My day was busy, but productive, which felt good. I did make good selections at the fast food place, actually eating fewer calories than normal for those two meals. I am continuing my dialogue with the coordinatory for the personal trainer, and hope to get that settled by the end of the week.

                  BillBlueEyes, bummer about the chips, but nice strategy to handle the situation (and not feel deprived).

                  BennyHannahMama, way to go on the dancing broccoli. That’s fantastic.

                  CeeJay, happy to hear that I’ve got a buddy on the bumpy road of plan execution! Good job on planning ahead for how to deal with the shopping/eating.

                  ChinaMaine, ouch for the potato chips and alcohol. But, great job recommitting and posting today.

                  GardenerJoy, such power in you, for realizing how easy it is to leave food on your plate when you are in the right frame of mind!

                  KidsLibraryLady, hope your household is feeling better and that you stay well. I do find it odd that of all of the published research on self-control/self-regulation the author of the Wikipedia article chose to select the glucose research as something to put into the introduction of the article. Why not list the other of the “many things” that influence this instead of just talk about glucose? Checking out what the web says about self-control when I am lacking in it is something I totally would do too.

                  RobinW, nice job of staying on plan.

                  Shepherdess, I loved your response regarding the unplanned food in the house and created an response card for myself with that on it. Thanks. I love that your father-in-law shares activities with your dogs and vice versa. How cool is that? It really is amazing how much energy bathing a big dog can zap from you.

                  Today’s Essentials:
                  Weigh-in: -0.5 lbs.
                  Read Advantage Cards two times: No, I read them once
                  Read Response Cards at least two times: No, I read them once.
                  Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: No, I ate two meals in the car.
                  Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: Yes
                  Did spontaneous exercise: Yes
                  Did planned exercise: No
                  Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: No (but planning to tonight)
                  Tracked today’s food: Yes, every bite.

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                  Coaches/Buddies Two miles running this morning. On plan today. Fewer cravings to eat badly.

                  Pissed off tonight. I don't understand people. Even myself sometimes.

                  KidsLibrarylady Hope the family is feeling better. Thanks for the link. It was interesting.

                  Kim Love seeing all that dancing broccoli!

                  gardenerjoy Sounds like a nice restaurant victory! Enjoy!

                  FutureFitChick I'm been using my car time as an excuse to enjoy my time alone and listen to music I like. It helps to view it that way. Yes, the ducks may have cursed me. I think I estimated a few less calories for the apple when I didn't finish it. I typically put my plan on a post-it on top of my food journal for the day, and write it in the journal as I eat it. I only list portion sizes on my plan for troublesome foods (e.g. one (1) cookie).

                  Nice work at the fast food place. I actually (often) find it easier to eat there than a proper restaurant, since the portion sizes are pretty standard, and it is easy to find the calorie counts.

                  BillBE I've never had a persimmon. I should try one. The chips sound yummy. I hope you enjoyed every bite!

                  ChinaMaine I think it is great that you recognize you made more good choices than bad ones. And that you have a plan for the chips and alcohol. I've observed that even small amounts of alcohol lead me to make bad accompanying food choices, so I've cut back again.

                  Shepherdess You make the cold sound almost fun! I'll still pass though. I love the Arizona weather this time of year. Glad you got a run in.

                  CeeJay Hope you enjoy your vacation. I recommend taking a plan or at least some rules (e.g. no cream sauces) to the restaurants. It really is possible to do well there with a plan you've committed to.

                  RobinW Good to see you. I think it is cool that you are getting ideas on the treadmill. Exercise is so good for the brain, and we tend to forget that.

                  Have a good one guys! I'm trying to get un-pissed. We'll see.

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                  Practicing Imperfection
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                  Hi All,
                  In final countdown for the last holiday craft show on Friday and Saturday! Tracked food, credit. Stayed under calorie goal, credit. 4500+ steps, credit. At the diner, ate spinach filling out of the incredibly soggy filo dough crust, rather than eating the crust because it was there, credit.

                  I was feeling overwhelmed driving to work this morning--committee meeting coming up, craft show, Christmas stuff strewn about the living room, procrastination on scheduling my preadmission testing for my surgery. I went into "exposure" mode when I got to work and did a lot of tasks and phonecalls in the first hour, and did feel much better, credit.

                  As a consolation for the slow craft show on Sunday, the next morning I had an order for a large expensive item at my online shop, yay!!!
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                  Green Tomatoes
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                  I lost 2.5 pounds in November as opposed to 5 pounds in September and October. Hmmm. Lack of exercise? Or just natural slowing down? I think I won't worry about it. A loss is a loss and anything over two pounds a month is faster than I've lost before over an extended period.

                  WI: -0.1kg (new low), Exercise: +45, 45/1300 minutes for December, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

                  FutureFitChick: Yay for feeling happy about your eating over Thanksgiving weekend and for having lunches worked out for a couple of days after. And good job on eating fewer calories at the fast food restaurants!

                  BillBlueEyes: good strategy for home-made chips -- put them on the salad!

                  ChinaMaine: yay for the many good choices! And for working out that alcohol and potato chips can fit in a plan, even with company

                  Shepherdess: you are tough to live on a ranch in Wyoming! Especially in the winter.

                  CeeJay: Hooray for still being in the game!

                  wndranne: hope you're having some luck getting unpissed and I'm glad you experienced fewer cravings today.

                  Nuxmaga: yay for skipping the soggy filo dough!
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                  I deserve to feel good!
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                  Default Tuesday December 1st (barely)

                  Coaches/Buddies: I want to let you all know that I've been reading all your wonderful replies and appreciate every one of them. Sorry I haven't returned the support, but I need to get some other habits set before I start committing to 'personals'.

                  Weigh-In: -1.5 = 128
                  Read Advantage Deck: yes (and found it super motivational!)
                  Read Response Cards: yes
                  Checked in Here: yes

                  Here are some extras:
                  - ate most of my meals mindfully and slowly
                  - caught myself when i licked my son's juice popsicle completely unconsciously
                  - drank a cup of tea to help deal with evening hunger
                  - entered all food eaten yesterday and today into the BodyMedia software

                  I hope the dancing broccolis don't get too annoying

                  Need to work on getting to bed earlier!
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                  Originally Posted by bennyhannahmama View Post

                  I hope the dancing broccolis don't get too annoying
                  Not annoying, but making me hungry.
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                  Thumbs up Wednesday

                  Diet Coaches/Buddies - DW served cod for dinner - the very ones that are disappearing from the MA coastal waters. Feels awkward to eat one quickly before it goes away. I have some old cookbooks that refer to salt cod as super cheap; it's not so now.

                  My evening snack of a mango was only about C- in flavor. Felt the urge to grab an apple to compensate. In a moment of clarity, I reminded myself that the evening snack wasn't to make me feel stuffed or satisfied - just to tide me over til bedtime. CREDIT moi for not doubling up. Was a good reminder that unsatisfying food seems to make me want to eat more.

                  Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for the good hurt from working out - special Kudos for staying the course on your gym plans. Good grief - if running on the treadmill gives you more ideas for events to cram into your busy life perhaps you should switch to the elliptical, LOL.

                  Anne (wndranne) - Add me to those who don't understand people. And to the subset of those who finds that they behave the same way that I didn't understand last time, LOL.

                  ChinaMaine - Sympathies for the potato chips from a guy who just fell into a bowl himself, LOL. Kudos for giving yourself credit for all the good choices - that's keeping the perspective.

                  Kim (bennyhannamama) - Your dancing broccoli is just joyous. Keep them coming. Yay for a cup of tea to respond to evening hunger.

                  Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Congrats on the order for the large item; is that more fun to make than the stacks of small stuff? BIG Kudos for leaving the filo dough - even when soggy. I love that stuff.

                  FutureFitChick - Sounds like a busy day when you gotta eat in the car twice. Kudos for making good choices. Good luck with the coordinatory - lifetime first use of that word for me, LOL.

                  Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats for a loss in November. The Beck quote below is dedicated to you today.

                  Shepherdess - Yay for dog washing as an unplanned exercise - don't recall reading that in either of the Beck books, LOL. Yep winter is coming as evidenced by ice on our birdbath yesterday morning. My blood is still thin enough that I'm wearing a heavy coat on a chilly day.

                  CeeJay - Jealous of living near old logging trails for your ATV rides. Neat that you can relax while riding and enjoy the forest. Good luck on your two day shopping trip - sounds like a bit of pressure to me to have to get it all done in one trip.

                  Readers -
                  day 10
                  Set a Realistic Goal

                  In fact, there is no long term benefit to losing weight too quickly. And there is a major disadvantage. When you suddenly decrease the amount of food that you eat, your body responds in a protective manner by slowing your metabolism. It's your body's natural response to protect you from starvation.

                  Weight loss specialists agree that your goal should be to lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. But it's fine if you lose only a half pound a week on average.

                  The Beck Diet Solution, pg 114.
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                  I went for a run yesterday, in spite of the snow and wind. Luckily there wasn’t much snow falling, but the winds were pretty brutal. I did cut the run short again by a mile because my dogs were getting ice in their paws, but I came home and did yoga.

                  Food was mostly OP. I don’t quite know what to call dinner. Our oven has been broken for 2 weeks now. We had an extended warranty, but have been going round and round on the phone. One of the disadvantages of living in the middle of nowhere. They are unable to enter our physical address (it’s one the power company made up years ago) into their automated system—the computer tells them there’s no such address, and apparently they can’t enter “in the middle of a ranch” in their computer. DH and I finally ordered the part and are going to fix it ourselves, but meanwhile we have to be creative with dinner. We have made friends with our crockpot, but last night tried a casserole that was a bust. I took two bites, then made popcorn instead.

                  CeeJay, kudos for “still being in the game.” That is what counts. Yay for a few days off work. Enjoy the relaxation and good luck in the restaurants.

                  RobinW, kudos for OP food with no obstacles in your way. I love it when life cooperates. Kudos on getting your exercise and for a “good hurt.” Yay for ideas on the treadmill—you can count it as work time.

                  FutureFitChick, great job eating well on a busy day. Kudos for making healthy choices while getting fast food—that’s not easy for me to do. It sounds like you are making progress with your personal trainer and this early dialogue will lead to a good foundation.

                  Wndranne, sorry about being pissed. Hope it doesn’t last long. Sorry, but I have no helpful advice on better understanding people. Good job staying on plan while pissed—it’s not easy for me to do. Kudos on running—that’s a great way to work out anger.

                  Nuxmaga, yay for the big order online! Kudos for eating the spinach and leaving unappealing filo pastry. I’m impressed with how you dealt with feeling overwhelmed. It’s great that you were able to find a way to take control and be productive!

                  Gardenerjoy, congrats on 2.5 lbs lost! You have a great attitude about it—I love that you are looking at the big picture.

                  Bennyhannamamma, all the dancing broccoli are great! Kudos for tea instead of eating. That’s my greatest weapon against a desire to eat. It makes me feel like I’m getting a treat.

                  BillBE, kudos on not doubling up on your evening snack. A lousy mango is always a bummer since a good one is so wonderful. It’s an interesting response to want to eat something else when food was unsatisfying, but good job catching yourself.

                  Beck didn’t think about the environmentally conscious when she said to enjoy every bite. Food choices begin to get a bit overwhelming when you begin think about issues like sustainability. I sympathize with the burden of awareness.
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                  Wastin' Away Again!
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                  HEY BECKSTARS!!!! - hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are back on track now!

                  I did exactly what I planned to do - not even THINK about dieting on Thanksgiving day! - I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed it completely - but I was careful to not eat too much because if there's ONE thing I've learned on Beck so far it's that I really HATE that over-full feeling. UGH! And during the entire 4-day holiday, I only felt that way ONCE, so I'm kudo-ing to me for that.

                  I did get my dad & brother out on the beach three days in a row - for a good hour long walk each time. It was very nice, relaxing, and felt good to help work off some of that dress'n & gravy They left to go home on Sunday morning, so we didn't get a walk on Sunday. But that's ok - cause Monday, I was back to work & back on track, just like I'd planned - ALL IS WELL! - and... I even lost another 2 pounds!!!! Woot-to-the-Hoot!!!!

                  I have gotten into the bad habit of eating what's "handy" instead of planning my meals & sticking to the plan. I'm not eating "unhealthy" but "handy" - such as a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread with low-fat cheese. See? Not unhealthy! - but not in my "planned meals"... so I'm going to have to step it up & keep with the plan. Exercise plan is working out great - we've had what I call "good walking weather" - in the upper 60's & low 70's with a nice breeze blowing to keep the sweat at bay! And I've added a little yoga-stretching to my walking routine - so doing good there.

                  Last, but not least, I've gotten way good at reading my cards. I haven't made any news one lately, but just reading the others seems to be helping.

                  Ceejay ~ If "dancing broccoli" makes you hungry, then you're doing EXCELLENT! Better broccoli than cookies or whatever, I always say!!

                  Bill ~ WOO HOO for not "doubling up" - even on fruit! - I have to remind myself sometimes that even tho fruit is WAY good for me, eating too much of ANYTHING is NOT good for me! - so YAY you!!!

                  Shepherdess ~ running in the snow AND wind??!?!?!?!?! That is SO dedicated!!! I bow before thee!!!

                  EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY, Y'ALL!!!
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