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I'm new but I know where you are. I had a RNY-DS 10/2000. I lost a total of 125, but I will say the last 40 were so hard and it was a struggle to maintain for me. OK, I did not maintain and quickly started to gain back. At any rate, I now know why I gained, and now I'm struggling to lose it again. I am doing low carb now because it is working for me.
Perhaps this will help you.
1. Activity-if you can't exercise for whatever reason, you should at least start to move. If walking is not an option, try doing leg and arm lifts while sitting. Just start moving and keep your body in motion for short periods. THAT WILL HELP. Don't think you will lose all your weight because of the surgery, I promise you will not. Once the honeymoon is over (1 year out) you get your appetite back and then it really is hard.
2. Don't drink with your meals, wait for 1/2 to 1 hour before you drink after eating. I LOVE COFFEE TOO, but wait before you drink.
3. Get your protein in before anything else, it stops the cravings and helps you stay full longer.
4. If you are an emotional eater, watch it! Keep a journal - what you don't know at this point is that it is easier to stretch you stomach than you might think......and it does not shrink back.
Hang in there and focus on you. You have come a long way and be proud how far you have come. GOOD LUCK You are amost there
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