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I have had to lose the same 5 pounds several times to really make it stick but I think I have made a breakthrough and won't be turning back again

I bought Jenny Craig's Touchstone DVD/CD package -- it was on sale I thought I would give it a chance. I am really liking it -- it gives me new ideas on how to talk to myself in a positive way in order to overcome those instances where I want to over eat. I have used some of the techniques and they have worked for me

I continue to walk anywhere from 9 - 12 miles a week, ride the exercise bike 15 - 35 minutes a day and use handweights a few times a week. The exercise does make a big difference on not only what I see on the scale but what I feel inside which IMO is more important.

One disappointment is the way my clothes are fitting. Yes, they are looser than they were when I started but not by much. I have a mini-goal to be down at least 10 lbs. by October 12th -- 7 weeks -- which as longs as I keep FOCUSED should not be a problem. What I really want in the next several weeks is to be in a size smaller than what I am in now which I think is doable.

It has been a slow and bumpy road but I am still on it and hopefully with time it will become easier. I AM keeping on the path until I reach my goal no matter how long the walk.
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