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Don't Give Up
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Hi Niki Marie. All I can say is please donít give up! You can defeat this!

I want to share part of my personal story because just reading what you had to say takes me back to when I was a teen and how bad things were for a while. If anything I am living proof that not only can you change your body, but you can change your thinking.

Until I read this I did not realize how much of a change I made. Donít get me wrong I still think about food. I think of what Iím going to make for dinner, how Iíll prepare it, what Iím going to pack for lunch, butÖfood just isnít that big of a deal to me anymore. I know Iíll have it. I can eat when Iím hungry and fuel my body. Yes, I still have my favorites, and cravings for certain foods, but food isnít constantly uncontrollably on my mind.

Just reading this makes my heart go out to you because I know what it is like to constantly be thinking of food. It was like a bottomless pit for me. Like a void I could never fill. I was always hungry, or thinking about food. Worst yet, it was uncontrollable at times. I just wanted to eat and to always be eating. Eating made everything better. It made the day easier. It made the sad things nicer. It just helped. Sometimes I didnít even feel sad I just wanted to eat or I just thought about food.

Even though I didnít recognize it back then, there was something bothering me emotionally and I just did not know how to coupe with it at the time. I can look back and see that now. I think that is why I went to food. It was there, it was a distraction, it was pleasant, and I just wasnít feeling that great about myself at the time. It helped me to feel better. Luckily, I was able to move past what was bothering me emotionally, pick up, and continue on with my life. Now I have a healthy relationship with food and Iím proud to say I do not think about it constantly anymore. I have other wonderful things that take up my thoughts!

Iím not sure what you are going through in your life. Iím not sure if it is even the same as what I was dealing with, or if you are just thinking about food because you love it, but either way I truly think you can learn to control these thoughts about food. You can rise above whatever it is that is causing you to think about food so much and not let it defeat you.

Something that helps me is when Iím super hungry and I just want to eat a whole lot Iíll sometimes get watermelon and eat a whole cup or two full of it. Since itís mostly water I feel super full after eating it and find it very satisfying. Cucumbers, carrots, or any vegetable that holds a lot of water is really good for those moments that you are needing food.

Also, I suggest taking a daily multi vitamin to ensure your body is getting the nutrition youíll need. There is a chance that there is a type of food your body is craving more then others and there may be a metabolic reason for that.

I would love to know more. What kind of foods do you think of?
How often do you think you actually are eating?
How would you say you view food?
And you donít have to answer this last one, but just ask yourself; why do you think you are always thinking about food?

I just hope this helps. I do not want you to feel alone!

Feel free to PM me anytime.

Mini Goals:

1). This week lose 1.5 pounds & eat fewer carbs!
2). Weigh 169.9 on August 29th.
3). August 29th Hike Mt. Timp to the top!

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