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I have gone through this, and it's awful! And I think, if this is what it's like for men thinking about sex all the time, I definitely sympathize with them and admire their relative restraint LOL. But it took some experimenting to get to the place where I was able to not obsess about food all the time. If I was doing totally no-carb, like Atkins, I would fantasize about something super sugary like brownie sundaes all the time. And when I tried to follow the nutritionist's advice and incorporate things like brown rice, wheat bread, baked potato etc into my diet, I found those things were triggers for carb cravings, obsessing, and carb overeating, and also made me hungrier rather than more satisfied.

I've found that I can eat a bowl of whole grain cereal for breakfast (has to be super high fiber and no sugar, you know, the kind that's kind of boring to eat, and maybe some whole grain crackers (that in my previous yummy-food eating days would have tasted like cardboard but now they are a treat ) but if I try to work much more carby foods into my diet, the obsessive thoughts and carb-overindulging begins. If I eat just one corn chip (my favorite indulgence food is chips and salsa) it's ALL over - I will have to eat ALL the chips or none, no in between! It may be psychological, because fruit, while relatively high in sugar, doesn't seem to have this same effect, but either way, this is what I've noticed during my experimentation. On second thought maybe it is also a trigger of sorts, as I've been known to eat a pound and a half of pineapple in one sitting!

But maybe keep a diary and see if there are any foods or food categories that cause you to be more obsessive than others? Good luck!
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this time it's for real
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ALL I think about is food, but it kind of depends on where my mindset is if I'm thinking about healthy food or not. I think a lot of us are that way - that's why we're constantly on this site, or tracking what we ate on fitday or tdp or whatever.

Lately, I've been in a good place so I've been thinking good thoughts, but still - every single minute I'm thinking about what I'm eating next and what I'm eating after that and how many calories are in that and what I'm cooking for dinner and what I'm cooking next Tuesday. It's kind of an obsessive disorder, but if you can program yourself into healthy thoughts, healthy cooking, healthy eating that obsessive thinking can jumpstart your efforts!
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It really does suck to have food dominate your thoughts and feelings. Believe me i know, i'm a junk food junkie. I was never much for snacks, but i would binge and gorge on fast food orders. I think you can do it... best thing to do is just distract yourself and especially your thinking... I love B movies the campier the better , i also write reviews for them ... That kept me inside often but away from the talking menu speaker.
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I feel like not a second goes by when I'm not thinking about food. If I stay in the house I WILL eat, most likely binge, so I just leave and come back when I actually hungry. After every meal I thinking about when the next one will come. It's very cyclical.
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I think a lot about food too. One of my goals is to work on channeling these thoughts in other directions.
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Food is alwaaaaaayyyyyyyys on my mind
People around me are amazed how inventize, how many recipes I try every week, how I like to cook and such...

I guess it's a positive point : I love trying new things, I don't like routine

But it's always been an obsession for me. What do I have to eat for lunch? Did I forget anything? If I don't have a snack, what will I buy from the vending machine? What will I make for diner? How many portions will it give, can I have some left for tomorrow... food food food

Me and my man have kindof a routine on our friday, we go shopping a little. We dont always buy, but we love to walk around stores. Anyway, what I dont tell him is that I wait all week long for this day because I know we will eat out, and I'm figuring where we'll go, what I'll have...

It's really an obsession
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I really need support right now. I lost 43 lbs this year/ 30 on Metabolic Research Center. They have been so unsupportive and last week really crummy to me that I dread going back in there. But the terrible thing is it has sent me into eating/gaining weight. I have gained 5 lbs in a week and those last 5 lbs took me weeks to get off. I feel like giving up. I have so many terrible things going on in my life right now, the weight loss was something I clung to for self-esteem. Now I feel I am losing that . MRC has made me feel so worthless and powerless (the manager is too busy to return my calls) I hate that what they did has sent me into a tailspin. I thought I could easily pull out of it, but my eating was the worst yesterday. I feel scared because I know what feeling like giving up feels like.
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I think about food, calories, fat, exercise way too much! A typical thing for me would be to recalculate how many calories I've eaten that day, just incase i got it wrong 4 times already!

I've even dreamt of food before, fatty things I'd never normally eat, I then wake up scared I've actually eaten it! It is certainly a negative train of thought for me, and I really should have other things on my mind! Perhaps that's the point?

The silver lining is that my mental arithmetic is pretty sharp
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SERENDIPITY... you are me!

I mean, I'm also obsessed in counting calories of the day (4 times? the minimum! ) and... yes, I also have kind of nightmare in which I eat too much or something off plan and then I wake up very bad and anxious... like for a nightmare LOL!

Actually I think this is not something really good. I think we should ask help.
It's a little bit crazy counting calories all day long, thinking about them, ecc...
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I'm obsessed! Seriously! I too count calories, think about calories and then food......yummmmy food. It is all ridiculous. I also think about skinny people, who never think about any of it. They just eat and enjoy. Ahhhh, to be like that would be just awesome!
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