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Niki Marie 07-30-2009 10:48 AM

All I do is think about food....
and its really starting to defeat me. I feel like I am constantly eating or thinking about the next time I will eat. I want to try to eat healthier but I just feel like its a losing battle. This forum makes me a feel a little better to know I am not the only one out there. I'm sick of having to buy bigger pants and spend so much on food and all the excuses I have about it. It feels like a losing battle some times. Thanks for listening to my vent.

sharongracepjs 07-30-2009 10:54 AM

Maybe try channeling your thinking about food into thinking about *healthy* food? When you find yourself obsessing, focusing it on the healthy foods that you enjoy most or go online and surf recipes that appeal to you using your favorite ingredients?

I think about food a lot, too...but I've turned it into planning nutrient-rich, appealing meals, thinking about what new things I'd like to try, etc.

If you can't fix it, work with it! :D

beerab 07-30-2009 11:36 AM

I know how you feel- I used to be like this so much! Food was constantly on my mind and I was obsessed with it. What I ate, what I will eat, when I'll eat next, when I last ate, how many calories, and so on. It was getting to the point I was scared of food.

Then I started reading this book:

Conquer Your Food Addiction : The Ehrlich 8-Step Program for Permanent Weight Loss by Caryl Ehrlich

And OMG it helped me so much- it talked about the behavioral/psychological side of food obsession and since then food isn't on my mind like it used to be, I don't sit and count the minutes till lunchtime, and so on. I feel my relationship with food is so much better than before. Of course it's not perfect, but I don't obsess like I used to.

I bought a used copy for a couple dollars on amazon- you might want to check it out :D

mamaspank 07-30-2009 11:37 AM

If you are constantly thinking about food, maybe start reading a book about food to help point you in a healthy way of looking at it. At least you would have some new information. I hear The Omnivore's Dilemma is great. I am reading In Defense of Food which explains just how big a hand government has in what we put into our mouths and how we started out in the right direction, but things have just gotten progressively crazier about what is acceptable to eat and what we are seeing less and less of in the stores and how we can start to turn that around.

If you are constantly thinking about food, maybe indulge yourself in some foods that have little to no calories, like cut up cucumbers, celery, salad. I like to have a bowl of popcorn lying around all the time. I always end up getting sick of eating that. It will usually satisfy me until I can eat something a little more nutritionally dense.

Niki Marie 07-30-2009 12:01 PM

thanks so much for the book suggestions. They all sound interesting. I work overnights and have alot of free time. I could get them all and conquer my own self!

paris81 07-30-2009 02:23 PM

I think about food constantly too. However, I feel that when I'm watching what I eat, not binging, trying to eat healthy foods, etc, I think about food even more than when I just eat whatever I want.

In short, for me at least, I don't think I'll ever not be obsessive about food, although I hope it gets better!

SweetTink 07-30-2009 04:46 PM

You can overcome!
Hi Niki Marie. :) All I can say is please donít give up! You can defeat this!

I want to share part of my personal story because just reading what you had to say takes me back to when I was a teen and how bad things were for a while. If anything I am living proof that not only can you change your body, but you can change your thinking.

Until I read this I did not realize how much of a change I made. Donít get me wrong I still think about food. I think of what Iím going to make for dinner, how Iíll prepare it, what Iím going to pack for lunch, butÖfood just isnít that big of a deal to me anymore. I know Iíll have it. I can eat when Iím hungry and fuel my body. Yes, I still have my favorites, and cravings for certain foods, but food isnít constantly uncontrollably on my mind.

Just reading this makes my heart go out to you because I know what it is like to constantly be thinking of food. It was like a bottomless pit for me. Like a void I could never fill. I was always hungry, or thinking about food. Worst yet, it was uncontrollable at times. I just wanted to eat and to always be eating. Eating made everything better. It made the day easier. It made the sad things nicer. It just helped. Sometimes I didnít even feel sad I just wanted to eat or I just thought about food.

Even though I didnít recognize it back then, there was something bothering me emotionally and I just did not know how to coupe with it at the time. I can look back and see that now. I think that is why I went to food. It was there, it was a distraction, it was pleasant, and I just wasnít feeling that great about myself at the time. It helped me to feel better. Luckily, I was able to move past what was bothering me emotionally, pick up, and continue on with my life. Now I have a healthy relationship with food and Iím proud to say I do not think about it constantly anymore. I have other wonderful things that take up my thoughts! :)

Iím not sure what you are going through in your life. Iím not sure if it is even the same as what I was dealing with, or if you are just thinking about food because you love it, but either way I truly think you can learn to control these thoughts about food. You can rise above whatever it is that is causing you to think about food so much and not let it defeat you.

Something that helps me is when Iím super hungry and I just want to eat a whole lot Iíll sometimes get watermelon and eat a whole cup or two full of it. Since itís mostly water I feel super full after eating it and find it very satisfying. Cucumbers, carrots, or any vegetable that holds a lot of water is really good for those moments that you are needing food.

Also, I suggest taking a daily multi vitamin to ensure your body is getting the nutrition youíll need. There is a chance that there is a type of food your body is craving more then others and there may be a metabolic reason for that.

I would love to know more. What kind of foods do you think of?
How often do you think you actually are eating?
How would you say you view food?
And you donít have to answer this last one, but just ask yourself; why do you think you are always thinking about food?

I just hope this helps. I do not want you to feel alone! :hug:

Feel free to PM me anytime.

Kat :snail:
Mini Goals:

1). This week lose 1.5 pounds & eat fewer carbs!
2). Weigh 169.9 on August 29th.
3). August 29th Hike Mt. Timp to the top!


SweetTink 07-30-2009 04:47 PM

Paris, I went through a stage like that too when Iíd try to eat healthier food, but it would just make me think of all the unhealthy things that I enjoyed eating more. So Iíd end up going back to eating whatever.

I think back then, in a strange way, allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted was a way for me to take control of my situation. I wasnít able to give myself the kind of life I wanted or the outcome to circumstances that I wanted, but I could give myself whatever I wanted to eat.

There were also times when I just wanted to eat junk food. There wasnít any mental thing going on I just wanted junk food. So I understand your craving unhealthy things. I donít presume to know your situation or if it is anything like my past situation. I just hope that you can find a way to not think about food all the time because there are so many other wonderful things to think of! There are so many wonderful things that you can go and do and find out that you are good at!

You may always have a passion for food, I know I still do, but Iím not thinking about it all the time anymore and I think if you want to not always be thinking about food you can too! Just donít give up! You can do it!

I hope this helps and encourages you. :val1:

Kat :snail:
Mini Goals:

1). This week lose 1.5 pounds & eat fewer carbs!
2). Weigh 169.9 on August 29th.
3). August 29th Hike Mt. Timp to the top!


sharongracepjs 07-30-2009 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by SweetTink (Post 2851938)

I think back then, in a strange way, allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted was a way for me to take control of my situation. I wasnít able to give myself the kind of life I wanted or the outcome to circumstances that I wanted, but I could give myself whatever I wanted to eat.

So true. Thanks for pointing this out, SweetTink. I think it's so important to identify why I do something in order to stop doing it, and this is a valuable insight.

paris81 07-30-2009 07:17 PM

SweetTink-Thank you so much for pointing out that there are so many other things to think of. I guess when I'm trying to be healthy, it's all consuming, and I forget that there is life outside of it. I guess partially, it's hard because I tend to avoid social situations when I'm eating well because so much revolves around food and drinks. I know that I can go out and have some restaurant food and a drink or two and still be okay, but I feel like it will be a trigger to start me up again.

So instead of doing social things to distract me, I think of what I'm going to eat next, etc. I don't know why. But there are other things out there, and I need to push myself to go towards those positive things.

Thank you!

crcossel 07-30-2009 07:43 PM

Oh I am the same way. Especially when I have a "working" day like today. (What I mean is instead of moving and appts and shoots I am sitting on my butt working on pictures.)

I can't stop thinking about food!

Niki Marie 07-31-2009 09:06 AM

I would love to know more. What kind of foods do you think of?
How often do you think you actually are eating?
How would you say you view food?
And you don’t have to answer this last one, but just ask yourself; why do you think you are always thinking about food?

I know that stress and boredom are definitely major contributors to the consumption. I actually had gastric bypass surgery about 4 years ago and lost about 125 lbs. My eating habits have brought me back up 90 lbs. and that does not make me a happy camper. I just recently graduated from college and am now working 2 jobs one being over night and I use all of that as an excuse why I can't or wont eat right. But just sitting here I just finished breakfast about 1/2 hr ago and am stuffed and I find myself eating goldfish without even realizing what I'm doing.

Sweets are my absolute downfall. I love candy and cakes. Carbs and greasy fatty foods are also super delicious. Carrots, celery(unless they are cooked) and water makes me hungry. I tend to look for convenience and whatever is the easiest for me with how much I am working. I am also single and dont see the point in making full meals for myself.

As I read this I can see all the excuses pour out. Food is a comfort and an enemy. I remember that freedom I had from it after the surgery and am more disappointed I let it happen all over again. I'm pretty sure I know what set it off and I'm sad to say a stupid idiotic man did. But I dont know why I am still doing it. Habits die hard I guess.

DivineFidelity 08-01-2009 10:58 PM

I completely understand. I think about food all the time...and before I started dieting I had a SEVERE addiction to chicken nuggets from mcdonalds...lol. Seriously though, it was right next to my work...and at one point it was so bad I think I had chicken nuggets for lunch like 8 days in a row. It's hard to give up those foods that you love so much...even when you know how terrible they really are for you.

One thing that has definitely helped me though is the flex point system from weight watchers (i didn't actually join, but a friend had the books laying around and i borrowed them). I'm not really counting calories or whatever...I just use the nifty slider thing to find out how many points something is...and keep track of how many points I eat each day. There is a little chart, and for my weight it says I should eat 28 points a day...so I got a spiral notebook and started keeping track of everything I was eating and how many points it was...and discovered that if you make small changes, even with portion sizes and not too much else...you can do just fine. I'm now averaging about 24 points a day, and that's WITH some snacks (popcorn, sugar free jello, weight watchers fudgesicles are my weaknesses...)...and I even realized if I REALLY need a chicken nugget, I can go get a 4 piece happy meal, throw away the fries...and eat 4 chicken nuggets and just not eat any snacks that day...not that that's something healthy is should do 8 days in a row...but once a month or so is okay i think.

I guess I see my daily allotted points as a goal...if i stay under 28 points that day i reached my goal...so it's like taking baby steps..
smaller goals are easier to reach

and if you ever feel like just going out to your favorite restaurant and ordering that dish you love so much even though you know it's terrible for you, don't feel bad! do it once in a while (my rule is once a month...lol), then move past it and keep trying to eat healthy it won't hold you back. It's okay to treat yourself every once and a while...just don't let yourself get addicted. I know that's my issue, i'm addicted to food...lol.

Good Luck!

girllovesmath 08-08-2009 12:50 PM

i do it too
I feel like I think about food more than the average person. Lately, I've been trying to change those thoughts into something more positive. Like instead of just thinking about a fatty meal I would love (like a #6 from Wendy's) I try to think about the next healthy, low-cal meal I'm going to have. Or I'll think about what healthier foods I'm going to get at the grocery store next time. It seems to be working for me. I haven't had fast food or junk food in a while, I'm eating more veggies now than I ever had.

Thanks to the PPs who suggested those books. I'm definitely going to check them out!

disneychick 08-08-2009 01:20 PM

I know how you feel. It's so hard. Don't give up. My daugter forced me to start walking and even though it just been a few days, I do feel better & it makes me think twice about that bag of chips or can of pop. Hang in there., Start with small managable things, one at a time. Going cold turkey is to overwhelming. I started with not drinking reg pop & trying to drink more water. Every little positive thing counts..... Take care

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