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S/C/G: 254/242/190

Height: 5'5"

Thumbs up Week 2 - down 3 lbs! YAY ME!!

*PINK* - I can't stand when I have to spend $ on my car... so not fun! But necessary right! Lately I even stopped getting my oil changed at the dealership b/c they always seemed to find something to replace (and it's only 2 yrs old). Now I just go to Fuller's - plus they give you a free car wash!

Had my weigh-in, I lost 3 lbs bringing my total to 10!! WOOHOO! YEAH!!

I'm still loving JC! I had the banana nut muffin this morning and it was AWESOME!! It was thawed, but still kinda cold - so delicious and rich tasting, perfect w/coffee!!

CHUCKLE: Last night my 6 yr old told me that she told her 1st grade class that I was on a diet and lost 7 lbs!! "They were like 'WOWWWW!'" OMG that is SO hysterical!! I didn't even know she knew about that, but she said she overheard me telling DH. Still makes me laugh, picturing first graders mezmerized by weight loss. Even funnier, she followed it up with "don't worry mom - you don't look any different to me!" It was priceless!

OK I have to share this food item w/everyone...

MY FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING!! Bolthouse farms has a new line of lite dressings, creamy and vinaigrettes. The creamy versions are made with yogurt instead of weird chemicals, and the vinaigrettes are made with olive oil. So, yesterday they were giving out samples at the whole foods near me. I tried a few - all good. I really wanted the ranch, but for some reason they don't carry the ranch at my WF. I did try the mango vinaigrette and it was fantastic! So far, I've used it to make the most delicious spinach and strawberry salad ever!! I just put some on my salad, toss and let it sit for a few minutes -- and it has such a great sweet/savory taste that I actually finish my ENTIRE salad!

2 TBSP has 30 cal and 1.5g fat. (less than the JC dressings)

If anyone has tried the ranch, let me know. I heard that maybe Jewel carries it - I already checked the Dominick's (safeway) near me and they don't have the line.

Update on Crystal Lite Cherry Pomegranite - bought it, tried it. It tastes almost exactly like a red popsicle (you know the kind). I told my DH that the flavor is "red". Pretty good. I also bought a buncha other flavors to try (the ocean-spray kind was on sale, so mostly those flavors). I do like the cran-grape alot.

Program Notes: I'm starting week 3 - This week I will be trying the JC Pedometer to come up with a baseline # of steps to work on. Interesting.


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