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Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
I can't process Nutrasweet or Splenda! So they are making substitutions for me too (but I did find a few things with those ingrediants in my first shipment!).
Yeah, I find a few gluten-containing items in my shipments from time to time (more in the beginning than now; we seem to have it "down" now, but every now and then, something will slip by them and into my shipment by mistake). But I found that if I stayed on top of my label-reading, I could keep myself from getting sick. I just gave away the food that contained gluten and asked BistroMD to credit me for the item(s) they sent that I could not eat. They have ALWAYS been prompt and courteous about getting my credit issued. I do love that customer service!!

Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
Assigned CSR? I haven't heard anything about that yet. This is my first week, so maybe it's something that comes later? I don't know. I've had to call them several times, but they haven't said anything about it.
Maybe it's not so much that they assigned someone to me--I just assumed that's what happened, since she stays in touch and checks in on me from time to time.

I sent an email to BistroMD asking about food allergies and substitutions and the CSR (customer service rep) who replied has been with me since BEFORE I even was a customer. She's really awesome. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw on who answered my email when it came in, but I figured she was "assigned" me as a customer to check on, since we started out together before I even signed up.

Maybe shoot an email to the company through the website and say you're looking for email-based support as well as the ability to call in and get help. Maybe you'll end up with a great one too! I really like being able to shoot her an email with my concerns or questions and it's super nice that she seems to care about my progress along the way. Maybe I just lucked out and it's not really a "part" of the program. Not sure!!

Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
I do like the food a LOT more than I expected, and I'm a pretty picky eater.
Ditto that! I was very pleased with how yummy everything (almost everything, that is) was/is and the fact that I still enjoy it 17.5 weeks into the program is really saying something! (Especially considering I get the exact same menu every week. Not a lot of variety, gluten-free.)

Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
The only thing I just couldn't bring myself to eat after I heated it was some fish (blackened tilapia). I ate the veggies and tossed the fish. Everything else has been pretty good.
I actually bought some tartar sauce and, for 90 calories per serving of 2T., I coat that sucker DOWN with that yummy stuff and it's *totally* edible! I really look forward to it when I'm craving salty tangy stuff (the tartar sauce) and when I realized it only boosted me by 90 calories, I decided that I could tolerate the otherwise plain fish.

Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
It's easy for me, especially for dinners and weekend meals, since I don't cook anyway.
Me too. I don't cook at all, so I was all about the drive-thru and the take-out and the convenience of pre-packaged stuff at the market. This is much closer to "home cooked meals" than anything I would ever do on my own, and I find that to be a big help.

Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
Are you eating the meals pretty-much three times a day?
I recently switched from the seven days with snacks plan to the five days with no snacks plan (mainly because I had missed so many meals here and there due to going out to eat or choosing to snack at the movies and therefore not eat my assigned snacks for that day, etc.), so I'm having to trust myself a bit more than before, but YES. YES is the answer to your question, pretty much.

I like to save breakfast for dinner (I know, I'm weird), so I start my day with one of the meals (usually a pork dish, as they're the more substantial) and then I have a poultry or fish dish for lunch. I'll have two snacks together, mid-day, and then at night I'll have my cocoa and oatmeal with berries (or a muffin). That seems to work pretty well for me, when I stick to it.

When I *don't* stick to it, it works well because I can "flip" a meal--like if I know I'll be going out to dinner that night with a client, I won't eat the lunch meal. I'll eat the breakfast (lower calorie but still high-protein) meal and then "bank" the calories the snacks would've been, plus that meal, and make sure I don't go over that caloric level for dinner out.

Obviously, that sort of thing is part of why I'm only losing a pound per week, on average, but it works for me (because I never feel deprived and I don't have these wild, rebellious binges to make up for having been so strict every day, which has happened to me on other diets). So, I figure if I learn what's "appropriate" to eat (both in terms of calories and portion size), I can make pretty good choices that keep me on track over the course of each week.

I have to tell you, Carrie, I think you're good for me.

Because I knew I would come check in tonight at this thread (with my new BistroMD "buddy"), I had a 100% day. I didn't have one bite off-plan!! And it's been awhile since I've been able to say that. So, thank you for being a good influence, just by having posted to this thread the other day.

I'll take whatever incentive I can get, some days!!

Here's hoping tomorrow is another 100% day. Wish me luck!
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