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Originally Posted by Carrie3146 View Post
Hi. I'm new here (this is my first post), and new to BistroMD. I know this original post is fairly old, but I'm hoping there are some people on this plan who would still want to chat.

I just got my first shipment yesterday, and I have to say that so far, I'm impressed. I had some problems with the service as far as ordering went (no confirmation email, no response to emailed inquiries, answers not easily found on their site), but after calling and speaking with customer service, all is well. I just ate my third meal, and I'm liking the food.

Hi Carol,

I'm on Week 18 of BistroMD and you can see a buttload of my posts here if you click on my profile and then choose "view all posts." Obviously, I've had my share of issues with BistroMD getting my orders right (although, I do have my own "issues" I bring to the table, being sensitive to wheat gluten, which is not something they specialize in dealing with) but I've also been very pleased with the "pound a week" loss--even with having meals off-plan and continuing to drink alcohol more than I should and absolutely not upping my exercise as much as I should, etc.

So, I'm a big fan, obviously. I love the taste of the food. I love the variety I have (even though I only get 30% of the BistroMD food options, due to my wheat issues). And I'm pleased with how easy it is and I know I'll be in a MUCH better place a year from now... and that's a huge deal for me.

I'm bummed you've had a hard time getting your emails answered. Maybe it depends on who your assigned CSR is. Mine, if she doesn't hear from me with a "problem" every two weeks or so, shoots me an email just to ask me how it's going. I love her!!!!!!!

Good luck on your journey and I'm happy to join you here in a regular "check in, chat" thread, if you'd like. Heck, maybe I'll get off my *** and exercise more and drink less if I know I have someone doing the plan with me, and feel accountable because of it. Worth a shot!

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