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Ledom ! I am so glad that it came off well !I thought from the amount of prep and the intensity that you were working at that this was a very big installation of work. YAY !

I like the idea of the oatmeal with the nectarine. We had just plain oatmeal for breakfast with spenda brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. DS14 has to have something carb o lious for breakfast before morning football practice. When you make batches do you just reheat in the morning? Oatmeal is a two minute deal at my house- but it takes longer to clean up the mess( like when it boiled over in the microwave at 6:15 this morning).Do you store it in single serve ? I am thinking your cc and fruit additions would be good for DS14 also.
I didn't freeze enough blue berries this year, so I am already starting to ration them out ! ACKKK !
Meeting went well for son-they will hold off mainstreaming him into a regular reading class until his grades go up. My parents are always fun to visit with- I just didn't need everything on the same day two days after I came home from Austin.
I did mow yesterday( with my yard and push mower it is exercise). Food wasn't great but I have been so hungry. I can't seem to get the appetite in check. My sleep is messed up again and my RX doesn't want to work anymore. My energy level is down. It's all a big circle of cause and effect.I don't sleep well I eat junk. When I eat junk I feel yucky and have no energy.I don't get anything done and then I don't sleep well.
UGH- so I am changing diet and working out this morning.I just have to get over this hump.
here is a photo of me and Mom at the Dallas Arboretum's pumpkin patch.
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