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Mine is also from the after standpoint.
1. I don't miss my doctor griping at me to lose weight.
2. I don't miss being the biggest one in my family.
3. I don't miss never having anything that was comfortable or looked halfway decent to wear.
4. I don't miss the shortness of breath.
5. I don't miss avoiding going places because I felt so out of place because of my weight.
6. I don't miss the reflux and GI distress that was constant from over-eating.
7. I don't miss having others stare at my plate when I went out to eat.
8. I don't miss all the extra med's I was on for high blood sugar/ high blood pressue.
9. I dont' miss not being able to tie my own shoes or paint my toenails because my belly was in the way.
10. I don't miss the car seat belt barely fitting around me.
11. I don't miss just letting life pass me by.
12. I truly just don't miss anything about my former obese self.

^^ My new before and current photos! ^^
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