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Speaking from the after standpoint...

I don't miss being so out of breath I can't do simple tasks.

I don't miss being sick all the time.

I don't miss being too tired after work to do anything but sit and sleep.

I don't miss getting frustrated trying to find clothes that fit right and look good.

I don't miss hating shopping because of having to stand on my feet so long at the checkout and trying to weave my fat butt through narrow aisles full of shoppers.

I don't miss being uncomfortable in small carseats, plane seats, chairs, etc.

I don't miss my back aches and knee aches.

I don't miss looking in the mirror and thinking "ugghhhh."

I don't miss missing out on life because I was always just too tired to get out and do anything.

I frankly just don't miss anything from then.

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