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Default I could go on and on!

I won't miss the many clothes concerns that I have with a higher weight.

I won't miss the stress on my joints from all this extra weight.

I won't miss my doctor's telling me to lose weight.

I won't miss feeling that I stand out because of my weight.

I won't miss being unable to participate in physical activities because of my weight.

I won't miss panic when it comes to shoe shopping.

I won't miss feeling self-conscious when I eat healthy in front of other people (because some people begin to draw conclusions or ask questions) or when I eat unhealthy in front of other people like an occassional dessert when I am out.

I won't miss having to squish myself into a bathroom stall with a backpack - there isn't enough room for the both of us.

I won't miss the newly appearing stretch marks that mean I've gained yet more weight.

I won't miss the discomfort of stepping on the scale and hoping it hasn't gone up or seeing it at its high.

I won't miss weighing in the 200s.

I won't miss worrying about whether or not a given seat will give out under me.

I won't miss feeling self-conscious ("fat girl running") when I run for the bus.

I won't miss holding myself back from discussing weight with other people whom I don't know very well.

I DON'T miss the foot pain I had at my highest weight!

I DON'T miss not feeling physically strong.

I DON'T miss not having my weight loss and exercise to be proud of.

I DON'T miss the 44 lbs I lost.

I WON'T miss the 78 lbs (or so) when I take them off.

Mini-goal 1: Reach 257lbs
Mini-goal 2: Reach 222lbs
Mini-goal 3: Reach 209lbs
Mini-goal 4: Reach 199!
Mini-goal 5: Reach 179 lbs (overweight BMI category!!)
Mini-goal 6: Reach 160lbs
Final goal: Reach 145lbs

Mini exercise goal 1: Begin running September 2012
Mini exercise goal 2: Celebrate graduation with a 5K
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