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Unhappy My boyfriends thoughts...

I brought it on myself. I asked the question that I probably didn't want an honest answer to.

I was talking to my bf online, and I basically asked him if I was fat. He said I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't fat. That's an acceptable enough answer. But I was stupid and pressed on.

I asked if I was unattractively fat and after dodging the question a bit he answered "for most men, you are too big"

I shouldn't have asked. Its not that I didn't already know the answer, but seeing it there in black and white.... I just didn't expect it to sting as much as it did

I cant be mad at him for answering honestly. Especially when I pressed for an answer. And I appreciate that he said "for most men" implying that for him I was ok...

But dang... I didn't expect the answer to hurt that much
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