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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for not posting sooner or more often. I have no excuse.

I do miss all of you very much. I have maintained my walking regimen and am very careful of what I eat. I do feel a bit lighter than a month ago...and my clothes feel loose...I think that speaks for itself.

Well, I go on my Italy trip on the first ...17 days of eating, walking and relaxing and some other activities My husband and I are ready to have kids. I'm a bit nervous(don't like pain) but, I'm ready.

Sharon & Chrissy- I can't believe you and your family are going through this. What the h*ll is that judge thinking? You are both in my prayers. DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!! {{{{{{{CHRISSY}}}}}} {{{{{SHARON}}}}}

Happy Birthday Sandi!

Gail-Oh, have fun in Disneyland! Bring your raincoat, 'cuz the weather has been ugly ...they lie when they said it "never rains in California".

Well ladies, I'm off to bed. I will definitely post before I leave for my Italian Escapade! I'm so excited!! Actually, I have to work tomorrow and it's going to be slow ... perfect for posting from work.

A big Hello to all of those I didn't address individually.



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