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Oh boy several good questions. first
i have a personal trainer and he ahs a BF% machine. i go by that as it is much more accrate. i did PP way and come up with a huge % some where about 45% now (due to my gut being so big and out of porportion to the rest of me. I have a scale that is reading about 40% but that does not take in to consideration for alot of things and bone density is one. but my OZZIE does one and i will be having one done soon that is much more accurate and reads the basal metabolic rate and water content and fat/muscle weight. that last time was saying about 30% according to that my LBM is 130. so (including the bones which i found is very dence brom my bone scan) and if you could see my calves you would believe it!! and 5'2" i guess i have a lot of muscle.

Mel i have good news and bad news. first this woe is geared to help you lose the body fat that is good, when people diet and do not take in enough calories they will burn muscle first then the fat as the body is made to be more conservative. it is used to the neanderthal days when we needed to go for long times without eating called the feast/famine routine. or starvation mode. if the body burned the fat then it would not have anything to keep the muscles going when it was close th the end of the famine, so it butned the muscle first and then it would lower the mtabolism by doing that and we could last longer with less food. So with this diet we are taking enough protiein to minimize the muscle waisting and facilitate the fat burning. many poeple who do this diet will lose fat and gain muscle just by eating the right way.

as fat as doing a fat test check out the web site that denise has provided. i will check it out when i am done. it will be some what close but that is what you really need to start from. do not expect huge changes do it about every month, and do you measurements about the same too. that is very important aswhen you are not droping in the scale you will see it in the measurements, fat is much lighter than muscle. if you take 1 lb of fat and 1 lb of muscle the fat will be 5 times bigger than the muscle. so if you do not see the scale moving do not worry you are still losing the fat but developing the muscle to a fine working machine!!! and increasing your metabolism at the same time.

the ideal bf% is 20-22% but here is the bad news. you will lose around the body but you can not spot lose!!! you will hold on the fat in the middle till the end. as it is closest to the core of your body it will be the hardest to lose and as the middle is internal and the fat is around the gut it will be much harder to lose i have head reports that it will not go completely till you drop below 20% BF (that is why i want to go to 15%) if you want to lose around the arms well it will all go toghether, and you will have to work hard to get the gut. but it will be worth it. there is no miricle cure here the weight did not get there over night and as much as we want it will not fall off as fast. the biggest thing is to listen to your body and lose at a pace that is right for you. if you are young and have not yoyo dieted much then it will come offeasier but otherwise you will have to have a lot of determination,. but it is all worth it in the end!!!

denise put you food on a food counter such as it will do the counting and you just plug it in. they ahve several others that i like such as a down loadable version which is EXCELLENT but it is a 21 day trial and i can not afford to do the full version now so i just fudge it. I will go and do the BF test ad let you know and let you know how it compares to the other ones i am soing OK?

well if you think your was long mine is a book!!!! LOL
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