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Finding my wings...
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Default Thanksgiving Victories

Rather than dwell on some of the "oops" we had over the holiday.... what were some of your victories?

Mine: I had not one but two Thanksgiving dinners to attend.. the one I put on, and the one at my mother's house. So, I cooked and slaved and killed myself to make a huge dinner and in the end only had one plate of food, and only went back for one extra serving of rice (I love my grandma's Mexican rice ). Then, at my mom's, I only had one plate there as well. And, rather than picking at the leftovers all night long, constantly, like I used to..... I've been pretty good and barely have had anything since those plates! Amazing! The funny thing is, with as fast as my metabolism is these days... I already feel like it's gone through my system pretty fast. I don't feel all crazy miserable stuffed like I used to every year.

I'll probably have to eat soon, so I'll allow myself one Thanksgiving leftover plate and then call it quits for the year. Anything else that I eat, leftover wise, will be figured into my daily diet properly.

While I was FAR from good (I ate an indecent amount of sugar cookies in the past 24 hours).... I was FAR from as bad as I used to be.... so darn it, I consider myself having accomplished a small victory this year.

What was YOUR Thanksgiving victory?
"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

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Slower But Get'n There
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I got up and exercised before the feast. That was highly unusual for me. I was going to drink all my water, too, but I only got 24 oz in.
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Half Marathoner!!!
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I was able to run an entire 5k without stopping to walk! And for dinner, I only had turkey. None of that stuffing or rolls etc. I did pretty awesome.

Made it to ONEDERLAND (the first time) 16/nov/2009!!!
Gained some back, but will be back in ONEDERLAND soon!
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Never surrender
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boy, I was thinking about all the dishes I used to feel like I HAD to include for Tday, even just last year -- stuffing, a sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping, a homemade pie, rolls, etc. This year was more moderate, less work, more relaxed and enjoyable. We went out in the morning and did a couple of things. And I bought a small pumpkin pie. It's gone (we won't be eating pie night after night).

we have leftovers that I'm not worried about.

I did eat more for that meal than I normally would have, I felt too full, ha. but it's ONE meal.

really feels like a victory to me. the times they are a changin'!
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Back on Track 2 Healthy
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Good idea for a topic. For some reason I am feeling bad today... but I am tired. This morning I got a phone call before 6 a.m. and ended up taking my God Mother to the hospital. Long story and I just returned home and it is 10:30.

Yesterday I really did do an awesome job. For some reason I am feeling yucky about eating pie. But I never really did have a plan not too and my pieces were little...2 different kinds to make one whole piece. And holy cow that is so much different than before! I gotta get out of this negative thinking. YIKES. <waving hands saying....go away negative thoughts>

Thanks again for the post idea!! Cathy
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Well, if you hadn't started this post I was going to!!!

I feel like I have overcome some major hurdles this year. My down fall usually starts with Halloween and continues through Christmas. 2 holidays sucessfully managed and one to go. This gives me so much hope!!!!

Thanksgiving day was awesome. I too simplified. I had one plate of the food that I enjoy in moderate portions. I sent home some leftovers and we probably have just enough leftover at our house for one meal. There is a little pie leftover but the boys will wipe that out in no time (maybe enough for them to each have one slice).

Cutting back as much as I did, I still realize that I made too much of certain items so I'm making notes for next year.

And the best news of all....drumroll please....I have lost a pound this week! Yep, just weighed myself this morning and I'm down a pound from last week. To be honest my goal was to not put on weight but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be down a pound! And my MIL noticed that I had lost weight, which was nice too.

All in all, a good day!
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First, my family noticed that I had lost weight and I felt good in my clothes.

Food wise, I only had one plate of food and I didn't feel horribly bloated afterward. I baked a sweet potato and brought it with me, so I avoided a lot of the fat and calories from some of the heavier sides. And I'm back OP today
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On the good side:

I worked out the night before and went for a walk this morning. I felt comfortable in all of the family pictures. I ate no gravy, no rolls and butter, no pie, no whipped cream, and only one helping of dinner.

On the downside, my relatives cooked with SO MUCH BUTTER that I think I underestimated calories and the dinner ended up giving me a stomach ache even without the above listed food.

Day before yesterday was my daughter's birthday too, so I've really not been eating in my usual way, but the HUGE DIFFERENCE in me is that eating stuff that is off-plan or fatty is starting to feel like the punishment. Being able to eat healthy and stay on plan feels so much more comfortable.

That has NEVER been the case for me before. Before, eating healthy always felt like a punishment or deprivation.

I really think I'm developing a new normal.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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Reluctant Adult
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I was good, too. It's the first Thanksgiving I can remember ever feeling fine after dinner -- not bloated, not overfull, not almost sick with too much consumption! I focused on the turkey, vegetables, salad, limited wine and lots of water. One small sliver of pumpkin pie and I was done. There were lots of tempting things, but I kept clear. And today I'm right back on plan -- which also feels good!
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
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Loving life!!
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I went for a jog with my 8 year old and 5 year old (it wasn't a serious jog for me but it was a lot of fun!) before eating dinner.

"The most exciting, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

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Not Giving Up!
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In past Thanksgivings, I would have eaten turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes made with whole milk and plenty of butter, lots of stuffing, homemade mac and cheese made with plenty of butter and cheese, and a heaping portion of green bean casserole. I probably would have had at least two generous platefuls of all of those foods, and at least two helpings of dessert.

This year, hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, and I had three small slices of white turkey (no skin) with about a 1/4 cup of gravy, a small scoop of stuffing and turnip greens. I noticed they had coca-cola cake on their dessert menu, which I LOVE, the cola makes it super moist, it's chocolately and frosted and served warm. Well, I ordered a slice (I'd factored dessert into my WW points for the day), but I only ate a few bites before I told myself, OK, I've tasted it and enjoyed it, there's no need to eat all of it. So I ended up leaving over half the piece on the plate! That is HUGE for me.

Then hubby and I went for a two-hour bike ride and enjoyed our afternoon before having a sensible dinner of broiled tilapia and steamed cauliflower.

And this morning I weighed in and had lost 1.8 pounds, so I'm very happy!
~*~*~ Lesley ~*~*~

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail". Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Back on Track 2 Healthy
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My victory was also today! Yesterday I brought home left over salad vs desserts or anything else. Tonight I made my dh and I giant salads. I cut up turkey and ham and basically made chef salads. Now folks, I am NOT really a salad eater, so this is major for me. And we commented on how good the different colors of peppers were and the pea pods. I tasted each item! This is big!

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my beautiful mess
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I left mashed potatoes on the plate!!
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What a fun thread! I stayed on plan yesterday totally. I planned on fitday exactly what I would have, and stuck to it. No seconds at all. I even worked through the few odd looks as I measured out food lol.

Now today I have not been so good. My sil and I ate out for breakfast(I had oatmeal with cranberries and nuts) and then Chinese food for lunch...I was not really prepared and picked broccoli and beef, not as healthy as I would have thought. To top it off, my brother made a chicken noodle casserole for dinner tonight, which I had to have. All in all I had about 2000 calories, that's more than I've eaten in one day since I started this change, and I feel fat and bloated.

Mini Goal....bye bye 190's

1 for every 10 pounds
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I started my day by running 5.5 miles. I enjoyed my meal and I am sure went over on calories but I didn't gorge by any stretch. I had a 1 small piece of tres leches cake and 1 piece of pumpkin pie. I had leftovers (sweet potato casserole and turkey) last night--it was wonderful--snuggled in my bed with my older daughter and watching the tube. Today all the food is GONE! Thrown out or given away. Today my calories were spot on (actually quite a bit under) and I ran 5 miles.

"Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter, don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter." --Dr. Seuss
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