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Question No cook lunches

I need ideas for no cook lunches. I am not always able to get to a microwave when I am at work, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for lunches. I've done the fruits, veggies and bottles of water. But I need ideas for sandwiches, maybe some salads of some sorts. Something new. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you.
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I've been buying those tuna kits by starkist...They are great with an apple or another piece of fruit, and very satisfying.
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I would make a sandwich out of the light bread, like whole wheat Nature's Own brand and use mustard (won't spoil), deli turkey and perhaps low fat swiss or cheddar cheese and then bring a side of lettuce, tomato or anything that's like that to go on the sandwich and bring along some baked chips.

Also the pop off tops of tuna and five saltines.
If you don't have a fridge at work, you can use those freezer type things and put them in your carrier to keep your food chilled and bring some fruit salad and half a sandwich (perhaps tuna or egg salad.)
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Salads with some chicken or tuna on top are good. I make egg salad quite abit & wrap in aluminum foil & it is fine. Fruit, fruit cups, pudding cups.
I also make cup of soup (need kettle) to go with my sandwich.\
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DH and I have been having this salad for months and neither of us is tired of it yet.

2 c spinach or romaine or baby greens
1/2 c cut up cooked chicken breast (I buy Foster Farms--it's all sliced and ready to go)
1 T crumbled blue cheese or feta cheese
1-2 T pomagranate seeds or dried cranberries
1-2 T walnuts or pecans (I buy the hot and spicey pecans from Trader Joe's)
1 T raspberry dressing on the side (Trader Joe's has a great one for only 30 cals per T)

We have this with a yogurt or a piece of fruit 4 out of 5 days of the week.

Another good salad is this:

2 C romaine
1/2 C cut up cooked chicken breast
1-2 T red, yellow or orange pepper, sliced
1-2 T corn (I use frozen corn, thawed)
1-2 T black beans (I used canned, rinsed)
chopped tomatoes
You can serve this with your favorite dressing or salsa

We have this for dinner a lot when it's summer.
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Sometimes I bring grilled chicken & veggie or just veggie wraps to work. I love salsa on them so I put that in a side container so my wrap doesn't get soggy by lunchtime.

I also eat cereal for lunch sometimes with a banana or a 100 calorie pack on the side if I'm still hungry. Assuming that you have a fridge to bring your own milk.
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Like mayday said, if you have a fridge you can use... I do the wrap thing too. I buy multi-grain wraps (1pt), use a serving of Deli Select turkey or chicken (1pt), a serving of low-fat ranch dressing that I keep in the fridge (1pt) and chop a roma tomato, romaine, whatever 0pt veggies you want...and it's only 3pts! (to me it tastes like the wraps you get at Frisch's )
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When I worked someplace without a microwave, one easy thing I did was to get Amy's Organic Pockets (Broccoli & Cheese in a Pocket, Vegetable Pie in a Pocket, Spinach & Feta in a Pocket), microwave them at home, wrap them in foil, and just bring them to work. They'd be room temp by lunchtime but they still tasted really good and were filling. They'are about 6 Points each.

I also did Healthy Choice ham or turkey in a pita quite a bit...until I got sick of it.
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I love pita bread spread with hummous, then filled with alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumber and light cheese with a dash of salt and pepper.

Also here is a 3fc link to some brown bag lunch recipes and suggestions . . .
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I use a whole wheat-low carb wrap(1pt), 2 slices of deli turkey(2pts),butter lettuce,and I spray the lettuce with either the Balsamic or Asian Salad Spritzers(no pts!). I will alternate with 2 oz chicken or lean roast beef. This is filling and only a total of 3 pts!! I also usually have some fruit and leave my Viactive Vitamins(1 calcium and 1 multi) as a snack-tastes sorta like tootsie rolls!!
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