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Default Need some advice

Hi everyone:

I have been in WW since Jan 2 and by mid-late April I had lost 33 lbs. So, what's the problem? Well, I have 100 to lose total and I've been told many times recently that I'm looking good etc. and that's great. I have gone down 2 sizes and am feeling pretty good about my loss, but I have a long way to go.

For the last 7 weeks or so, I've been at a plateau. I started walking then and have been walking at least 10 miles a week, sometimes more (I go on my lunch hour every day). Plus I garden and am a very active person at home on the weekends, so I am far from a couch potato. My DH calls me the Energizer bunny because I never sit down. I have been eating the same as I was when I was losing and I vary what I eat so it's not always the same thing, but one week I lose .6 and then last week I gained 1.6 (good grief). So, I go up and down and up and down.

I'm tired of paying WW $10 when I'm not losing (and I know that's kind of wimpy). I have been a WW many times before now and never stayed motivated long enough to stay with it. I am very determined this time and want to see myself get to the end of my journey. I have many things motivating me.

I would like to try doing it at home - I was wondering if some of you would give me some feedback as to how you are doing at home. Do you think you do as well as if you were going to meetings, etc. I don't ever want to see the 33 lbs back that I've lost and I'm afraid of getting into that rut of saying, "I'll start Monday" again.

Know what I mean?

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Hi DNR, first congrats on losing 33lbs. I have been doing w.w. at home for about a month now and it is going good. I have had a steady loss of about 1-2 lbs per week. I think the only difference between at home and going to the meetings is the face to face support, I personally find the support and encouragement I need from these boards. Keep up the good work with the excercise. Have you been drinking lots of water ? Sometimes your body just needs to play catch-up, I'm sure the scale will move soon, please do not get discouraged, you have lost 33lbs so you know you can do this. Best of luck to you!
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Yes the body does play catch I'm not an active person, and the activity I do is just general stuff, since August '00 I've lost
35 lbs...which for me is wonderful, but very very slow. I was hoping to have lost perhaps another 8-10 lbs by now, and I have plateaued as well for nearly the same amount of time. I'm being patient, but sure would love to see a takes patience, and sometimes changing your pts during the week alternating them, or changing your menu a little.

I have found wonderful support, suggestions and friends here on these threads, so don't give up and keep up the good work, checking in here often for the support you need to get through.

Also read as much online as you can....there are so many great sites to check out, which you can acquire from the 3fatchicks to help you get through....good luck....and most of all DON'T GIVE UP ....drink your water....and if you need a friend I'm always around to chat with.

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