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Default First week, feeling discouraged...

Hi all, a bit of a lurker here till I got fed up and decided to post.

I lost 100 lbs on Ideal Protein, ended up gaining 60 lbs over 2 years. Due to my financial situation it's impossible for me to join the program again. I attempted to do my own version of it at home starting January 2016. After failing over and over again, last week I decided to try a different program that would make me feel less stressed out over what I was eating, Weight Watchers.

I just completed week 1 but I ended up gaining 1.7 lbs Spoke with the online coach and she suggested it was water retention which I don't think it was because I drink 80 ounces daily. I followed the plan religiously, weighed everything I ate, stayed in my points range and met my FitPoints goal.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I really don't want to weigh in for week 2 and see that I've gone up in weight again because I feel like that is really going to break me, I don't know how much more disappointment I can take as it's been nothing but failure for 6 months.
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Could you post what you ate? Maybe a couple of days?

Sometimes weight loss doesn't always correspond with when you weigh in. Did you eat out the day or two before you weighed in? That could be fluid retention? Also did you do heavy exercise for the day or two before weighing in particularly something new you weren't doing before? That could also be fluid retention?

Did you eat higher carb during the week? If you were eating lower carb before and then increased carb that can result in some water weight.

Also, did you eat a lot of zero point foods? Fruit may be zero points but it isn't zero calories. I have seen some people go overboard on fruit and then gain weight.
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I would google "old WW points plan". I started last Tuesday. As of this morning I was down 6.2lbs.
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Did you happen to starting working out? Because they could cause water retention.
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Hi new to this section of 3FC's regular poster in 300+ group and also 40 somethings .... this might seem a Crazy question - Did you eat ALL of your daily points - I'm doing Aus/NZ weight watchers and have found many new members just starting out don't eat enough of there daily points
so the result is weight gain as body is in survival mode - the other thing is did you eat a lot of fruits
Water retention is only 1 of many possibilities, sounds like protein dense foods work for you as well so try to use the points more on proteins

keep it up - let us know how your going keep tracking tracking tracking - My biggest stress everyweigh in is I will have gone back up in weight
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Wink Ideal Protein - Slim4Life - WW struggler

I also lost about 80lbs with Ideal Protein. I quit after cardiologist was unhappy with me instead of happy about weight loss. He wanted a healthy eating plan with exercise. I tried Slim4Life (very expensive with poor results). I join WW in April with the same results. I lost a little then started gaining. I gained six pounds in one week following plan and exercising 1 1/2 hours each day. I was mad!!! and gave up. With my weight continuing to go up I joined this time (2 weeks ago) with a coach instead of meeting (which I hated) and explained my frustration. Her explanation was the stress and the change and activity will cause a gain but if I can be patient and stay with it within 6-8 weeks my body will start to realize the result of my labor. My struggle is the patient and the stress.
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Hello! I too have been reading on this site & finally decided to join! I have been on Slim4Life for 3 months now. I am down 28 pounds!!!! I started at my heaviest 186.8 and now at 157.8. I am so happy for the success I have now. I adhere strictly to the plan most of the time. If for some reason we are traveling, I will try to do my very best to avoid the sweets (my weakness) & keep my portions sizes small. Water retention is something I have gone through. Sometimes I might add a little salt & then take a RELEASE pill before bed. I don't take the RELEASE pills regularly, only when my sodium intake is higher than normal or if it is that "lovely time of the month :/). Anyway, I have hit several "stalls", a couple gains along the way...but I just stay on course. I trust the system & just have committed to stay on the plan until I hit my target weight. 28 pounds down & I am seeing consistent weight loss. I weigh in every single day. I do this for accountability. I also meal prep, where I prepare my meals for the week ahead of time - which keeps me on plan. I take my food to friends houses when they have us over & just made my fight for my health a top priority I hope this encourages anyone to stay focused & go after your goal! You are worth it
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