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Question Quick, filling breakfast ideas?

Ok, here's the quick lowdow. I work a full time and a part time job and go to school. I don't have a lot of time for breakfast. I am usually STARVING 2 hours before my lunch with what I have been eating which is yogurt, with a little Kashi's in it and fruit. Any other quick grab and run ideas? Any really filling low point muffins that I could make like on a Sunday for the week? Any idea would be greatly appreciated.
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Angry Bran Muffins

Hi there. I use this bran muffin recipie I got at a WW meeting. They work out to 1 point each if you make them the size of the recipie. That way, on my morning coffee break I can have 2 for two points. They are very filling and as you see the batch makes a lot. I freeze them. Just a warning - they do not keep well. The few I left out of the freezer had some mold on them after 3 days (I think it's the applesauce - they are quite moist) - I hope it works for you.

Bran Muffins (Makes 60)

< 3 cups All Purpose flour
< 2 cups whole wheat flour
< 5 tsp baking soda
< 1 1/2 cups brown sugar
< 3 cups bran
< 3 cups All Bran cereal
< 2 cups raisins
< 2 eggs
< 2 egg whites
< 1 cup canned applesauce
< 1/4 cup molasses
< 1 quart of 1% buttermilk (1%milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar - let sit 20 mins - good substitute)
< 1 1/2 cups water

1. Mix all dry ingredients together - use a big bowl!!
2. Beat liquids together
3. Blend dry and wet together and put into refridgerator overnight
4. Preheat oven to 350?
5. Pour equal amounts into muffin papers and bake for 17 - 20 minutes or until done
6. 1 Weight Watcher point each

PER SERVING: 89.1 Calories, 0.6g Total Fat, 0.2g Saturated Fat, 6.8mg Cholesterol, 129.3mg Sodium, 20.0g Carbohydrate, 2.1g Dietary Fiber, 2.6g Protein, 35.5mg Calcium

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Duncan Hines makes a good high fiber muffin mix (All Bran...comes in blueberry and apple cinnamon). Each is 2 points. I usually eat 2 of them plus a yogurt for a 6 point breakfast. If you drink water with it, all that fiber keeps me full for a long time.
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If you make the All-Bran blueberry muffins with applesauce replacing the oil, they are 1 point each, 2 for 3 points, and very filling. I also add 1 grated medium carrot to these for added moisture and flaver.

My 2 favorite breakfasts are:

1: 1/2c egg beaters cooked in my non-stick skillet with butter-flavor pam; fold into a square the same size as a slice of toast.
Sandwich between 2 pieces lite wheat toast along with 1 slice 2% milk cheese. 3 points total, yummy and filling.

2: 1 boca burger (Chef Max's favorite) heated in microwave, with 1 slice 2% cheese, sandwiched in 2 pieces lite wheat toast. Also 3 points.

Both these breakfasts last me 4-5 hours.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Smile Quick and Easy

Here's one I like:

1 FF tortilla (2)
1 T Better N Peanut Butter (1)
1 Banana (2)

Spread BPB on Tortilla then wrap the banana in tortilla like a burrito.
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You might try adding protein to hold you over longer. FF torilla with either or both FF refried bean and low fat grated cheese topped with salsa. They roll up and are portable. 30 seconds in the microwave is best but I have had them to go. FF refried beans are .5 per 1/4 cup and is plenty for a tortilla for one point and one point for the cheese, salsa is 0.

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how about making some hummus and eating it with a warm pita bread. That would provide you with a lot of protein and carbs. I made an Egyptian fava bean spread a couple of weeks ago that was great, lots of fiber, protein, carbs and very filling.
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I really don't like traditional breakfast foods, other than toast and such. I am learning that having some protein first thing in the morning keeps my lunchtime hunger in check.

Like Dharma, I love hummus on pita in the a.m., and I add lots of sliced cucumbers, sweet peppers and carrots, sometimes onion, radishes and lettuce too (if I have no meetings to go to at which I'll offend people with my smelly breath). It's a great breakfast for 4 points (3 points for the pita I buy, 1 point for 2 Tbsp. of Athenos hummus). Sometimes I have the pita with 1 oz. of feta cheese instead of the hummus, but still add the veggies.

I also like an english muffin split and toasted (2 points), with one package Carl Buddig Lean Slices turkey on it (2.5 oz. for only 1 point!) and a little mustard and lettuce. With a piece of fruit it's a very filling breakfast.

And I know it sounds weird, but hot vegetable soup first thing in the morning is really filling and soothing. I use my homemade points-free soup and throw in some garbanzo beans or cannellini for protein.
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I eat "non-breakfast" foods for breakfast, too. Currently, it's a salsa flavor Boca patty with 2 slices Borden FF cheese on light bread (3 points, 2 milks, and a day's worth of protein).

check your Buddig Lean Slices! If your package says "better taste" or words to that effect, you probably have the new, "improved," TWO POINT package. Another one bites the dust! That WAS my favorite low-carb, high-protein, 1 point snack.
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Man, Bumby, really?!?! I swore loudly but deleted it, since this is a family newspaper and all.

That was such a good turkey deal. Besides the english muffin option outlined above, I'd use some one-point crackers, add the turkey and some sweet-with-heat mustard, and have myself a 2-point bacchanalia. DANG!

Tomorrow I write the Buddig people a frosty e-mail.
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The new package is something like 90 calories instead of 70, plus maybe more than the previous 1 g fat. You COULD weigh out 3/4 of the package and call that a point. (What to do with the other 1/4? Shmoosh down drain before mindlessly consuming? Put back in fridge to be eaten along with 1/4 of two other packages on day #4?) It stinks, but all along I had that nagging "too good to be true" concern--how come THIS turkey is such a bargain?

You still (I believe) can have 2 slices Oscar Meyer FF bologna for 1 point (maybe you can squeeze in a third slice--I haven't checked the NI lately) or 3 slices Empire turkey ham. But I loved that there were so many skinny little slices in that bag of Buddig turkey.
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Default Easy filling breakfast

Lately I have been using some of the protein bars you find in the stores, all different brands. They don't look very big, but because of all the protein in them they fill you up and they last me until lunch. They vary a lot in calories and points, so be sure to check the labels.
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I'll eat 1/4 c egg beaters, 1 slice fat free cheese, and 2 pieces light toast for 2 points. That and a cup of skim milk, totals 4 points. It's a good breakfast.
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There is a really great recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins made with Kashi Cereal. I make 18 with each batch and it comes to one point per muffin. I LOVE THEM!!!

I pulled up the recipe for you in the "Breads and Grains" section of the recipe board.

Hope you enjoy!

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Some other ideas are: a hard boiled egg with 2 slices light bread,
1 slice of ff cheese on 2 slices light bread, 1 tsp. peanut butter spread on cinnamon toast, l/4 cup ricotta mixed with sweetener,cinnamon, and vanilla on cinnamon toast.
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